No matter what smartphone or tablet you are using, a Web browser app is what an essential thing you have to have in your device. A Web browser helps you in many ways while making a connection to the web. It connects you with the whole world and allows you to explore what you want to. Without a proper Web browser application, there’s no any use of a smartphone. To keep your phone alive, we have enlisted 15+ Best Android Browsers to check out in 2015. Kindly explore them and pick up the best one to try out within your device. Here’s the list! 

15+ Best Android Browsers to Check Out in 2015

1. Chrome

Chrome for Android

I think this application doesn’t need any introduction as it’s from Google and known as the best web browser for all types of tech devices. Google Chrome offers a seamless sync between all of your devices with one single Gmail account. You can save different web pages, can bookmark them and do a lot of things within it. It runs smoothly and offers good surfing speed. The browser has got everything special for an ideal web browser application to be used by everyone. It’s for free and you can get it easily from the following link for your Android device.

Download Chrome for Android

2. Mozilla Firefox

UC Browser for Android

Just like Windows and Mac systems, Mozilla Firefox is an instant web browser application which is available for Android and iOS users for free. Mozilla Firefox offers a special feature with add ons. You can use all the add ons on your device just like you are using them on your PC. Firefox supports flash videos so that you can instantly watch your favourite videos without having an additional app installed on your device. In addition, all the other required basic features are very well available in it. Get it now!

Download Mozilla Firefox for Android

3. Opera

Opera for Android

Opera is one of the best and most known web browser application for an Android device. Opera Browser is available for Android, iOS, Nokia and all the other smartphone platforms. You can easily get it from the following link for your Android device.

Download Opera for Android

4. Opera Mini

Opera Mini for Android

A compact version of Opera Web browser too is available for various smartphone platforms. Undoubtedly, one of the best browser apps which works super smoothly on all the devices. It’s more lighter than the above version and supports more devices as well. The app is absolutely for free and you can get it from the below link for your Android Smartphone.

Download Opera Mini for Android

5. Dolphin

Dolphin for Android

Dolphin is one of the oldest and most popular web browser app available for your Android device. The app has over 80 million downloads globally and there are people who still are using this application as their default web browser app. Dial style visual bookmarks, instant download speed and many more advanced features are there to make your web browsing experience a better place.

Download Dolphin for Android

6. Next

Next for Android

The name is not that popular, however it has got a list of special features which would get more eyeballs in this new year. The browser offers a colourful screen to start your day happily. You can set up your homepage and can do a lot of things instantly. Download it now from the following link!

Download Next for Android

7. UC Browser

UC Browser for Android

Your wait is over, here’s your favourite web browser app, UC Browser. The app is incredibly amazing when it comes to download something on your device. UC Browser gets you the best download speed with a separate download manager. You can manages things easily and can do a lot of things easily. Fortunately, UC Browser for PC too is now available for Windows and Mac system.

Download UC Browser for Android

8. Maxthon

Maxthon for Android

Maxthon is super advanced and carries a number of innovative features to make your web browsing more reliable. The browser is widely available for all types of platforms including iOS, Windows, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone. It sync everything instantly just like a chrome browser and allows you to customize it with different widgets and much more.

Download Maxthon for Android

9. Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero for Android

Just like Opera and Opera Mini web browsers, Dolphin Zero allows you to surf web instantly with more super faster speed. You can get your browsing done in seconds. Dolphin Zero supports all types of devices and available for free. Get it now!

Download Dolphin Zero for Android

10. Atlas

Atlas for Android

Atlas web browser is an ad free web browser which means you will not be seen in unwanted advertisements while using it. The browser offers privacy related add ons to get you the most secured web browser experience. It’s for free and you can get it easily by clicking the below link.

Download Atlas Web Browser for Android

11. One Browser

One Browser for Android

One Browser is the most adorable and the simplest web browser app which is now available for free for an Android Smartphone. If you are not a big fan of any other web browser, you should try this browser as it’s a complete different web browser app and gives you the real boost to surf web ideally. Go down and get it now!

Download One Browser for Android

12. Boat Browser Mini

Boat Mini for Android

Boat Browser is clean and super fast. No matter what types of websites you want to surf, this browser gets you an instant access. In addition, you can even download things with a more faster way within it. You can download this browser easily for free from here.

Download Boat Browser Mini for Android

13. Puffin Browser

Puffin for Android

It claims as the super faster web browser applications till date and it looks quite legitimate. Puffin browser works super smoothly and gives you more faster web surfing experience with of course a list of all the needful features to try out. Kindly follow the below given official link and get it downloaded from there.

Download Puffin Browser for Android

14. Mercury Browser

Mercury for Android

Mercury was previously available only for iOS users which is now become a part of Android’s Play Store. The browser has a decent UI made for everyone and anyone can instantly use it to surf the web. Download it now!

Download Mercury Browser for Android

15. NetFront Life Browser

NetFront Life for Android

The browser offers a reliable navigation to different websites. Unlike all the other web browsers, here you will notice a lot of different and useful things which actually help you while surfing the web. Kindly follow the below link and get it download from there.

Download NetFront Life Browser for Android

15+ Best Android Browsers to Check Out in 2015
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