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Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

  A Keyboard shortcut is a way to get on to a particular function of a Mac just by pressing out a combination of Keys from a Keyboard. If you are a proud Mac OS X user, you got to check this following list of the best

How to Fix or Replace Broken Gorilla Glass Protection on Smartphones

Apparently, there’s no such thing like unbreakable glass when it comes to a Smartphone. Everyone praises Gorilla Glass of their smartphone, however, many of the users of the same Glass smartphone have broken it out. Yes, Gorilla Glass breaks easily if a proper care is not taken.

How to Show My Computer Icon on Desktop in Windows 8 and 8.1

Windows, World’s most popular Operating system has been upgraded with its latest version, Windows 8.1. The previous revolutionary version of it was Windows 8. However, in these versions, there is a complete different user interface which looks quite messy for a lot of people. My Computer is

Best Download Manager for Mac OS X

Looking for a change of your default download manager on Mac system? Want to get rid out of that? Well, we are up with a list of the best Download Manager applications that can be used to boost up the Downloading speed of your Mac. There are

How to Force Quit Applications on Mac OS X

Mac OS X has got its own different user interface unlike the Windows OS. There are people who got annoyed with some of the messy functions available on Mac, if they are a newbie. Well, working on a Mac is everyone’s dream, but before to move anywhere,

How to Open and Use Mac OS X Terminal – Commands, Tips and Tricks

Terminal is a very useful tool available to enter commands and get on to a relevant things on Mac OS X. User can easily get on to the things just by entering a proper commands. These commands can be considered as tips and tricks of using a