HTC made a notable smartphone in the previous year providing the people to have the best features and characteristics while accessing it. The company released HTC One M8 with some remarkable things to providing the people accessing the device to have a great time and loaded with performance as expected by them to encounter. The device got a lot of positive views and was liked by a majority of individuals making them to experience some unique features not there in other smartphones giving competition to the company. HTC One M8 changed the scenario of the company through the sales produced by it making it a popular choice for people seeking to premium experience.

Recently the company launched the newer version of their previous popular smartphone HTC One M8. HTC One M8 has some spectacular specs packed in the device having a good sleek design providing a rich feel to the person holding it on his/her hands. The device runs on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop version of Google for providing the people to get the latest in every sort and manner. The official release of the device is yet not confirmed but the smartphone will make a significant remark whenever it will come. Many people are eagerly waiting for the smartphone to be available in the market.


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Taking Screenshot on HTC One M9:

On the Mobile World Congress the device was showcased to the people for demonstrating the features posed by it. As there were many enthusiasts looking and accessing the device in every possible way to know more than just what is said about it. Several people encountered problem while they try to capture and take screenshot on the device. The screenshot taking process is somewhat different from other devices as it is unique in every way. Here are the methods for taking screenshots on HTC One M9.

Method 1: The Usual Volume and Power Combination

For taking the screenshot you have to hold the volume down and power button at the same time to take the shot. The buttons are present on the right side of the device. The screenshot will be there on the Gallery of the smartphone. A separate folder will be created for saving the screenshots.


Method 2: Through Quick Settings Panel

Sometimes the button combination is not convenient and efficient as expected and if you want to go it another way then see this. First you have to edit your Quick Settings Panel for making the screenshot setting to come with the others. Pull down the notification bar down and slide down again to see the quick settings press the edit button next to it. Perform the change and select ‘Done’ to apply the changes made.

After this whenever you want to take a screenshot just slide down the notifications bar and tap on the Screenshot to capture the page or any other content.

How to Take Screenshot on HTC One M9
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