Adobe AIR is also known as Adobe Integrated Runtime is a program being developed by Adobe Systems for formulating and making Rich Internet Applications having the capability for enabling them to be used as desktop applications. It can be accessed on various mobile devices and is basically has programmed with the aid of applications like Adobe Flash, Apache/Adobe Flex, HTML, XML and JavaScript. AIR from Adobe is accessible through various devices like Windows, Mac and with mobile smartphone operating system Android, Blackberry, iOS and etc. It is a rich cross-platform runtime system for people.

Many people use the software for the features and functions present in it, with an assurance of being efficient and giving a performance expected from it. Adobe AIR Offline / Standalone makes the user to run the .Net framework and as the subset of Java Run time environment applications. It is a popular and renowned software for people making them to have the work done properly and with the level up to the mark as expected by him.


Features of Adobe AIR Offline / Standalone:

  • Safer installation due to filling the requirement of digital signature for identifying the application and its creator before you install.
  • Experience stunning 2D and 3D games on your smartphone, by making your graphics more strong through AIR.
  • Enhance the features of the application by using it on your desktop and smartphone with ease along with comfort.
  • Various add-ons for users and making them more efficient in their work.
  • Stream HD-quality video with ease and view it excellent graphics viewing.


Adobe AIR Offline / Standalone Installer Download:

The application offers some brilliant features and is must download for user making them getting topmost experience.  Download Adobe AIR Offline / Standalone for experiencing the outstanding user integration. You can download the software from the link given below.

Download AIR

Adobe AIR Offline / Standalone Installer

Steps of Installing Adobe AIR Offline / Standalone Installer:

Step 1:

Download the installer of the software from the link given above. The link is safe for downloading so there is no need to get stressed about the security of your system.

Step 2:

After downloading process finishes, run the downloaded file by double-clicking on it, for initiating the installation process of the software.

Adobe AIR For Android

Step 3:

During the installation the installer will ask for certain fill-ups and for continuing the installation process, you have to fill them up and make the installer running.

Step 4:

After the installation process gets completed and cleared, reboot your system for making the necessary changes and the software to cope up with the system.

Now you have got the widely acclaimed Adobe Air Offline / Standalone software for your system and you can use it according to preference and do your work in a perfect way.

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Adobe Air Offline / Standalone Installer Free Download – Latest Version
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