AllCast lets you send videos, photos and Music from your Android to your Television set. The app is compatible with all the major technology devices such as Chromecast, Amazon fire TV and all the rest ones. AllCast serves the most simplest user interface which can easily be used by anyone. The app doesn’t ask you be a skillful person. Just install this app and it will automatically do the things from connecting to the devices to sending the photos. You just need to complete the simple instructions while making use of it. Fortunately, AllCast APK is now available to download for your Android. More details are as follows!AllCast APK 1

If you got bored with your Android’s small screen and want to see things on a big Television screen, AllCast is here for you. The app is specially designed for the latest technology devices which lets you connect your Android to the Television. In order to know more about this app, you should check out some of the very interesting features of it first. Following we have compiled a complete detailed list of all the useful features of AllCast application, kindly have a look and know more about this app.

Features of AllCast for Android

  • Instantly send your photos, videos and music from Android to TV
  • Easy to use app works smartly on an Android device
  • Light weighted app works smoothly
  • Compatible with all the devices such as Chromecast, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the rest ones
  • Explore things on a big Television screen over a Wi-Fi network

These were all the incredibly useful features available inside this popular Media app called, AllCast. The app is available in two different variants, a free trial version and a paid version. Initially, you should go for its free trail version. Kindly follow the Google Play Store‘s page in order to get it from the official page. Apart from that, to download its APK file, make sure to follow the download button given below!

AllCast APK 2 AllCast APK 3 AllCast APK 4 AllCast APK 5

AllCast APK Download for Android


Click out the download button, downloading process will itself take place. It will take several minutes to complete the entire downloading process. After a while, you will get the APK file of AllCast downloaded on your desktop. In order to install this APK file, you should follow the below given tutorial.

How to Install AllCast APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

First you need to download a proper APK file of AllCast app.

Step 2 :

Kindly follow the above download button once, downloading process will take place itself. Soon the APK file will be downloaded.

Step 3 :

Now, you have to transfer the APK file to your Android. You can use a proper USB data cable in order to do so.

Step 4 :

After this, go to your apps menu and open file manager folder. Tap the Search button and search for the APK file of AllCast, tap it out. Do select the Install button when asked.

AllCast APK has been installed successfully on your Android. In order to get started with this app, launch it from the apps menu instantly!

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