Amongst all popular mobile operating system Android from Google has made a significant mark and position in the smartphone industry along with on the minds of people. A majority of individuals use the mobile operating system on their smartphones for encountering a brilliant experience and having a great time while accessing it. The people access numerous features offered by the OS to them for performing several activities and functions through them. The company regularly updates the mobile operating system for providing the people to get the changed and added features with the evolving technology of the company.

Recently the company launched the updated version of its mobile operating system Android 5.0 (Lollipop). It offers an all new user interface for the people along with some changes to provide them to have more utilization of the smartphone to get maximum benefit. Tips & tricks when acknowledged about a particular item makes us to use and handle it more properly for performing the functions we want to do. Today we are going to tell you about the innermost tips & tricks of Android 5.0 Lollipop to get some tweaks and ways of accessing the operating system in a better way and manner. Through this you will able to have a better knowledge about the latest operating system.


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Android Tips and Tricks:

The tips & tricks mentioned here will not provide any sort of harm or trouble to you while accessing the device after you have performed them. With the help of the tricks you will have the best of Android 5.0 Lollipop on your device.

Search Bar in Settings:

In the latest version of Android there is a feature allowing you to perform search through the search dedicated bar for the settings. You will be able to get the required option just typing in on the bar and search for it avoiding the scrolling to get it. It is neat minor feature which can be handy sometimes.

Quick Settings Bar:

Along with the notification bar you will be able to get a new customized quick settings bar for which you have to swipe down with two fingers. This settings bar has some pretty timely needed features serving direct shortcut to certain apps. Apps like Flashlight etc can be accessed easily from here and utilized from the quick settings bar.

Editing Sensitive Notification:

In the new version a lot of emphasis is laid on the notifications aiding you to get more control on them. You can hide and disable sensitive notification for avoiding the display of the sensitive content present in it. Go to Settings>Sound and Notifications you will an option stating When Device is locked and then tap on the Hide Sensitive Notification content. Select the notifications which you want to hide or hide them all.


Remove the Spam Notifications:

While using a lot of apps we all encounter the notifications related to them and some of these are useless for us. Like the weather update etc you can disable them to pop-up on the device, whenever the notification comes just long press on it until you see a small ‘i’ appearing there. Tap on the ‘i’ button and select the measure it you want to whether block it or set it as a priority to come up when even the phone is silent.


The user can make the device to Do Not Disturb when you are performing a certain work for the period of time selected by you. No sort of sound or vibration will be made by the device for the selected time period to avoid to break the flow.


Create Profile:

If a large number of people use your device then you can create a custom or guest profile on Lollipop to limit the functionality of the device. The other user will be able to access the apps selected by the device owner.

Color Inversion:

A great tip and trick for people who are visually impaired or color blind making to get the full experience of the new OS. Go to Settings>Accessibility and move down till you find Display at the bottom. Tap on Color Inversion to change the look and selecting the Color Correction option will allow to change the color outlook of the device.


Android Tips & Tricks 2015
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