b612 is an ultimate selfie app designed for the people who love to take selfies all the time. Of course the name looks quite odd, although the app has got all the awesomeness to get you the best of selfies anywhere anytime instantly. b612 app is widely popular with millions of its users worldwide. There are a number of reasons behind the popularity of this app, one is the most decent user interface makes it easier to take selfies instantly. In addition, b612 APK download from here and get to know how you can install it on a particular Android smartphone by following the tutorial given here.

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Nowadays, taking selfies has become a trend and everyone is addicted to it. No matter what the occasion is, you can’t stop yourself to take selfie with the people who are around you. Sometimes, you want to cover the entire background, take a selfie and post it instantly with b612 app. What if you can instantly apply filters, effects and much more in real time while taking selfies? b612 offers such amazing features inside. Go and get more about this app by following the list of its features.

Features of b612 for Android

  • Ultimate app for taking selfies anywhere anytime
  • Record selfie video and share it with your friends on different social networks
  • Swipe the screen to start the rear camera
  • Random filters to get you an amazing look while taking photos
  • Use multiple effects, filters and much more in real time
  • Set timer for taking selfies with 2 seconds, 5 seconds a few more other options
  • Compatible with selfie stick with Bluetooth connection
  • Post your pictures and share your videos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in no time

These were all the incredibly useful features available inside this popular photography app, b612. If you are looking for a new photography app, you should give this app a single try to get a complete new user interface. The app is available for free and you can easily install it from its official Google Play Store‘s page. Apart from that, to download its APK file, kindly follow the below given download button.

b612 APK 2 b612 APK 3 b612 APK 4

b612 APK Download for Android Free


Click out the download button, downloading process will take place. It will take several minutes to complete the entire downloading process. Soon, the APK file of b612 will be downloaded. After getting the file, follow the below given steps to install it on an Android device.

How to Install b612 APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper APK file of b612 app for your Android device.

Step 2 :

Do follow the above download button, you will get the APK file of b612 app downloaded to your desktop.

Step 3 :

Make sure to transfer this file to your Android by using a proper USB data cable.

Step 4 :

Now, go to your apps menu and open file manager folder. Search for the APK file of b612 which is recently transferred. Tap it out and select the Install button. You’re done!

In order to get started with this app, go to your apps menu and launch it by clicking out its icon. The app will be launched and you can start taking selfies easily!

b612 APK Download for Android Free
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