BlueStacks App Player is an incredible and widely accessed Android player aiding the public to use along with the Android apps and games. It helps the person to enjoy the apps on a wider screen on their desktops and laptops to have more amusement than the experience encountered on smartphone and tablet. The emulator installs and works like any other software used on system making the user to easily perform the working and activity smoothly to enable the user to have a great time. Being launched in 2011 the app emulator has made a large following due to the features offered and present in it making the individual to get addicted to the app emulator.

The app player is available for both desktop operating system Windows and Mac to allow the public have wider accessibility of the application and games liked by them on their systems. About more than 750,000 Android apps are supported on the player which is increasing as the days are passing making the user to maximize the benefit derived from it. Mac users found the app player brilliant as they can use the application of Android operating system for having a fantastic time on their system. The app player has crossed the 10 million download mark stating the popularity of it and fondness generated by it among the people present worldwide.


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 Backing Up BlueStacks Apps & Data:

Many people use BlueStacks App Player daily and use several apps through it on their system encountering the great features and experience offered by it. The performance and efficiency delivered by the app emulator is renowned promising the user to have a great time on it. Through being used on a daily basis many people may want to backup BlueStacks Apps & Data to keep it safe and available for the near future. Here we have the guide aiding you to perform the backup of BlueStacks Applications along with the data present on it.


Steps to Backup BlueStacks Apps and Data:

Step 1:

First of all you have to download and install the ES File Explorer on your BlueStacks App Player you can do the download from the link provided or from the App Market present within by searching it. Install the application after you have downloaded it.

Step 2:

Then open ES File Manager and locate the AppMgr option click on it to run it. A list of apps present on the app player will pop up, choose the app which you want to backup and click on it.

es file

Step 3:

Click on the Backup option present on the Toolbar to initiate the backing up process of the selected app. After the backup is made you can copy the file to your desktop.

Step 4:

Open the Backup folder in ES File Explorer and then the apps folder there will the backup apps then choose the folder where you want to copy them.

How to Backup BlueStacks Apps & Data
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