Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is a worldly popular and acclaimed instant messenger for people to connect with others through the sharing of eight character Blackberry PIN serving as the identification number of the person. It runs smoothly and sends the text messages faster just in a flash. Firstly the application was only there for Blackberry devices and was supportable on the Blackberry smartphones making the other operating system device to unable to use the features of the brilliant messenger application for communicating with other people without the distance barrier. The application is fully efficient in its working to stand on the expectations of the people.

The messenger is now available for iOS, Android and Windows smartphone users to enjoy it and has made its debut on operating systems for providing them to communicate along with accessing the features present in it. You can share various multimedia contents over the messenger between the BBM contacts and have a great time while using the application to connect. The design and user interface of the messenger is made different from which it was being offered to Blackberry device users to present the app in a different and unique way to the people. The application has got a good response from people and is providing a great competition to leading apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and etc.


Features of BBM:

  • Stay connected with people as the service is always on for use and no need of opening it.
  • Acknowledge that the message has been sent and received through Rs for Read, Ds for delivered.
  • Perform voice calling through the application with the help of BBM voice free of cost.
  • Share various media content files with your contacts to have a great time also share the location with others through it.
  • Security of the user is taken in it you can time the message you want to show in your contact’s screen also the PIN mechanism is good.


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BBM APK Download for Android:

BBM is now available to be accessed on Android smartphone to allow the user to connect and communicate with others to through a great messaging application. The app has got a brilliant 4.3 rating on Google play and about millions of people have downloaded the BBM APK on their smartphones to access the services present in it.


BBM APK Download for Android

Steps of Installing BBM APK for Android:

Step 1:

Download the APK file from the link provided above on your desktop. The link provided is safe and not sort of virus will attack on your system while using this link.

Step 2:

Transfer the downloaded APK file from the desktop to your Android smartphone with the help of an USB Cable.


Step 3:

Disconnect the USB cable from the system and locate the transferred file on the device. Tap on it to start the installation of the application.

Step 4:

After the installation of the application begins you have to sign in the app for using the services of it.

BBM APK Download – BlackBerry Messenger Android App
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