There are many games present on the diverse mobile operating system which have made and left a major impact on the minds of the people. Games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers are some examples which have created a large fan-base which were of the same genre and principal. People like the game which is attractive in looking and offers them an experience which will be nothing that they have encountered. Benji Bananas is something has same as expected by the people to play on their devices for having a great time with it.

Benji Bananas is a physics based adventure genre game developed by Fingersoft having the elements of fun and enjoyment to provided the player have a great time playing it. The game consists of beautiful handily drawn graphics along with some good features to make it more interesting factors. On the game player is a monkey which has to swing from vine to vine like Tarzan in the forest collecting the bananas and gaining the points required for clearing the particular level. Benji Bananas has a good comic style feel serving as the USP of the game which are simple avoiding any sort of highlights to make the game more detailed. The game is being loved by a large of individuals due to the simplicity, uniqueness offered by it to the people playing it.

benji bananbenji bananas

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Benji Bananas APK Download:

While playing the game there are certain power-ups present in the game which make it more exciting and easier for the player to clear the level. You can customize the appearance of the monkey to make it more attractive visual increasing the level of excitement and entertainment derived from the game. With the upgrades you can also change the colors of the ropes used for swinging to collect the bananas. If you want to play the game on your Android device then you can download it from here and see the guide provided below for installing it.


Benji Bananas APK Download

Step 1:

Download the APK file of Benji Bananas from the link provided above on your desktop. The above provided link is safe for performing the download and will not provide any problem to the desktop on accessing the link.

Step 2:

After you have downloaded the file on the desktop, then you have to transfer the downloaded file to the device. You can perform the transfer process through a USB Cable which will connect the device with the system.

benji bananas gameplay

Step 3:

When you have transferred the file to the Android device, disconnect the device from the system and see for the file just transferred by you to the device.

Step 4:

Tap on the file to begin the installation of the game and give the process a minute or two to fully complete the install. The game will be there on the Application Drawer after the installation is done then you can play it by tapping on the app.

Benji Bananas APK Download Full Android Game
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