Music is a great way of soothing our spirit providing a person to calm and change the current angry mood into a relaxed one. Many people use it express themselves and their views to others for showing their capability to them. Everyone has different taste for music some like POP, some like Electronic and etc. People have their own collection of music on their smartphone to get instant access to their favorite songs on their finger-tips whenever they want to listen to them. There are several applications which make the music experience go to the next level making a great time while listening to music through the applications. Here is the list of best Android apps for music lovers to be there in their Android device.


Best Android Apps for Music Lovers:

  • Google Play Music:

    Talking Android then an application from Google should be mentioned otherwise the list looks incomplete. Google Play Music is a music player developed by Google to provide the users a simple, standardized and good interface to use the player. It is a good player for music lovers.


  • Beats Music:

    Beats Music is a streaming application allowing the users to access the various songs from several artists to listen to them and have a great time. Containing about 20 million songs the user can get instant reach to the genre he/she wants to listen. Also you can make your playlist on the app.


  • Real Drum:

    Want to be feel like a perfect drummer and be a rockstar, then download this application on your Android smartphone as it provides you a set of drums to play on along with providing you some lessons to start off well. It is a great musical instrument with proper touch response and sound quality.

Real drum

  • Winamp:

    It is a PC music player now also available for Android operating system, making quite a good following on PC is now making its mark on Android. As days are passing it is becoming a popular music player, the player allows you to perform synchronizing of the music library present on your desktop.


  • Spotify:

    Talking about music streaming applications, then Spotify is the application coming to the top. It is a feature richen app allowing you to select among the vast numbers of songs available for people divided in various genres and in other criteria. Create your own playlists for having a song collection to make it as you want to listen.


  • Piano Teacher:

    Many people love Piano as a musical instrument as it provides the soothingness and calmness when played. Not everyone has a big space to keep it and play the instrument to feel it. You can download Piano Teacher application to play piano on your Android smartphone and to experience a great feel along with spending some quality through the application.

Piano Teacher

These were some applications to make your music listening experience to increase and to have a great time with them.

Best Android Apps for Music Lovers
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