A majority of people use the Android smartphones and tablets performing their daily routine on the devices for easing their working along with having a great time with them. Android OS is widely used by people and sums as the largest accessed mobile operating system dominating the competition against iOS, Windows Phone etc. There are certain features present in the popular mobile operating system providing the user to get the benefit of many things in one. Large number of individuals likes the working and performance of Android through which they can do the desired work as expected by them.

While accessing the OS we all sometimes accidently remove or delete a file on the device which can be an image, video or any some other content. The deleted item may be crucial for the user in many senses needed by him/her at the moment or in near future, we all encounter it once though utilizing the smartphone or tablet. There are some other cases where the deleting of the files is done due to formatting the device, SD card got corrupted and a virus has removed them from the device. The data is not easy to recover but it can be recovered through the help of some software aiding you to perform Android data recovery for free and without any problem.


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Best Android Data Recovery Apps & Software:

  • Recovery-Android:

    It is a widely known application for recovering, backing, rooting and converting video files for the devices running on Android OS. Recovery-Android is a reliable tool to recover the deleted files on the smartphone and tablets irrelevant of the content they were. You can perform the recovery of the device just by connecting the device with the system and doing the process.


  • Yodot Android Data Recovery:

    Yodot Android Data Recovery is a good software having the specialty in performing the repair and recovery of Android devices. The main feature of the software is the friendly user interface allowing the user to get back the data with ease avoiding any sort of trouble. The working of the recovery tool can also be used for the same purpose for desktop and laptop along with Android devices.


  • Dumpster:

    There is a saying that Prevention is better than Cure; this app similarly does the same thing. With Dumpster you can delete the files on the device and the app will serve as a recycle bin. You can easily recover the deleted and removed files within the device, but it supports the get back of audio, images, documents and video files making it a limited use app.


  • PotatoShare:

    Another desktop software through which you can get the important files and applications not on only from Android, but from iOS and Windows. With PotatoShare you can recover the required and needed files for your Android smartphone and tablet.


Best Android Data Recovery Apps & Software Free Download
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