Android is known as world’s best and most popular smartphone platform. Being an open source platform, it allows its users to do a list of uncountable things within. If you are from developer side, you can make use of this platform till its optimum level. It allows you to check and to publish your own developed apps or games instantly to get the access of it to the World’s people. Isn’t that amazing? Apart from that, if you are not an Android user and still want to use its apps and games, you can go for its Emulator. Best Android Emulator for PC Download is available here. 

Android Emulator

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Best Android Emulator for PC Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / Mac)

1. Bluestacks

Undoubtedly, Bluestacks is the best and World’s most popular Android Emulator available in the market. People who wish to install and make use of their favourite Android apps and games, are using Bluestacks. Bluestacks is widely available for both, Windows and Mac users and you are free to get it downloaded as it costs nothing. You can easily download it from the given link.

Download Bluestacks

2. YouWave

YouWave is also known as one of the decent Android Emulators available in the market. YouWave has a simple yet impressive user interface with all rich graphical interface. With this, you can find and install and make use of any of your favourite games, apps, live wallpapers and pretty much everything of an Android product. YouWave can not be run on a PC where a different Android Emulator installed already. To make use of it, first you have to uninstall a previous emulator.

Download YouWave 

3. Jar of Beans

Android’s most popular OS version is Android Jelly Bean. There are Emulators which doesn’t support high end games with such Android versions. Well, for that this Jar of Beans is there. Jar of Beans allows you to download and install any types of Android Jelly Bean games and apps. You can easily get the access of all the Jelly Bean apps and games instantly right from this Emulator. Its decent user interface gets you a complete familiar functionality and you don’t need any special skills to make use of this Emulator. To move further, you can try the following given link.

Download Jar of Beans 

4. Virtual Box

Virtual Box is all you are willing to own. The box is not a simple one, it has all extra ordinary features to go beyond your imagination. Virtual Box serves a simple and complete user friendly interface in which you can get everything installed on your PC. You can search for anything, can download anything and can make use of anything from your own PC. In addition, you can install different OSs too on your PC like Windows, Mac and Linux. Apparently, it’s a very good tool to get installed all of your needful stuffs without having any additional sources or any tool. You can download Virtual Box from the following given link.

Download Virtual Box 

What’s your take? Which Android Emulator are you currently using? Do share your experiences with us. Meanwhile, if you have any doubt, you can share them with us. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Stay tuned for more such useful updates!

Best Android Emulator for PC Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / Mac)
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