Linux is generally a desktop operating system developed as an open source available for free of cost using the GNU/Linux to describe the operating system. Being originally developed for personal computers supporting the Intel x86 chipset has moved to the computer hardware platforms functioning as the largest OS for the servers and several supercomputers (like big iron). The operating system is not widely used by people and only 1% of computers run on it making it the least known along with less used desktop operating system. Nowadays the operating system’s source codes are used by many companies for their needs and customize the Linux distributing it in their products.

Android is also the interlink with Linux as it has being customized and formulated by Google aiding it discover the great success in the mobile market. The company has used Linux kernel for developing their own mobile operating system having some salient features to be accessed on the smartphones and tablets for having a great time. There are various emulators present for providing the Linux users to encounter the Android operating system on the computer without any trouble or sort of problem. The emulators are efficient in their working allowing the people to encounter the brilliant experience offered by them to have a great time while accessing them.


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Best Android Emulator for Linux:

As there are various emulators present to be accessed on the Linux operating system, but some are not good in performance as expected by them. We have listed and found out some best Android emulator for Linux operating system which will enable to encounter the great features present and offered in it to you. They are efficient in the working and serve as you expect from them.

  • Andy Android Emulator:

    Andy is day by day getting popular for the vigorous and interesting user interface allowing you to experience the overall Android experience. The emulator enables the person to experience the Android jellybean 4.2 operating system on their without any sort of trouble along with using any app on it.


  • Jar of Beans:

    Jar of Beans is a basic Android emulator supporting the features like Application install, SD Card and preinstalled Google Play Store etc. It is not quite popular as an emulator but is efficient in performance and working as expected by it. The emulator will allow you to have a marvelous time present in it for encountering while using it on Linux system.

Jar of beans

  • Genymotion:

    A tough competitor of Bluestacks is the best emulator you can have for your Linux operating system. There are various diverse features present in Genymotion allowing the user to acknowledge the characteristics present enabling him/her to use their favorite apps without any trouble.


The above emulators are efficient and will stand on the expectation made by you related to the functioning, working and performance.

Best Android Emulator for Linux – Free Download
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