Android is known for being an open source platform allowing the smartphone users accessing the mobile operating system to personalize their device on their choice and preferences. Making them to have their device to change from being a boring one to a unique device with giving them an entirely new way to access their device. The OS has made many people to love it and experience it with a different way of using phones, having communication with a lot more different ways just than calling any one and doing the business work on their smartphones.

Android launchers serve as the applications providing the operating system device users to flavor and create a zing in the device by converting your home screen into a completely different one. Just a little effort is needed to change the view of home screen and applications for giving them an attractive look. The changes made will not be permanent and it can be revised if the user doesn’t like it. There are several Android Launchers giving the OS device users to change their smartphone in an attractive one. We have selected some best Android Launcher in our list for your smartphone to aid you in changing the look and feel of the device, choose the one for modifying the smartphone.


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Best Android Launchers for Android:

  • GO Launcher EX:

    One of the most downloaded and installed launcher present on the Google Play Store, numbering around more than 500,000,000 downloads. GO Launcher EX is feature richen allowing the user to customize the phone through them and making it attractive. Add various special effects in the device to increase the feel on the device.


  • Themer:

    Themer is another renowned and popular application for customizing the smartphone enabling the user to make it change it on your choice. Easy to install and use in changing your boring to fab, choose among the various themes available along with the option of customizing the themes present.


  • Aviate:

    An Android Launcher from Yahoo to provide the smartphone users a tool to provide you a polished experience through it. Aviate has custom built themes for the launcher making the user to choose one according to their preferences also has various options making the smartphone user to get instant access to the apps.


  • Nova Launcher:

    Nova launcher is a launcher providing the basic features needed to customize and personalize the smartphone for taking the user experience to the next level. The app lets the user to exercise the features for changing the look of the device and formulating it into a new one. Nova launcher is a great application to customize the phone making it to be better than usual and ordinary.


  • Apex Launcher:

    Apex Launcher is just like a normal Android Launcher making the user to manage to develop the smartphone into a phone having features and the feel to make it attractive. The launcher helps the user to enable them for making the phone into an attractive one.


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