Music is loved by all, that one thing that makes everyone together. There are separate reasons for many people to like various genre of music and compile them in a collection to listen them whenever they want to hear it. Smartphones have a great sound quality to provide the user a brilliant music hearing encounter making the user to enjoy the single minute while listening to songs on it. But among the various there are a quite few giving you to feel the music by your heart and mind, we have listed some best Android phones for music lovers taking their music addition to level they never expected that it would reach.



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Best Android Smartphones for Music lovers:

  • Motorola Moto G:

    This smartphone created quite a huge buzz before entering into the market. Moto G is a good smartphone in specifications and as well as in sound output making the user to have a good experience while listening to the music.


  • HTC One M8:

    Many people say that it was the best smartphone launched this year and it somewhat prove to be correct to the statement. Giving you such features which were never seen in smartphone before and one of them being the front speakers. The Boom sound front speakers are efficient enough to make you feel that you are hearing the audio on pretty much to theatre quality.

htc one m8

  • LG G Pro 2:

    A good looking smartphone with features making many people to go gaga over it, it made people to experience a decent and great sound output which was not expected from the phones developed by the company for the customers. The sound quality of the smartphone is also good when the maximum volume is made to full without any dullness.


  • Sony Xperia Z:

    Sony Xperia Z is one of masterpiece made by the company to provide the public a great audio and video quality for making them to get a brilliant user experience. Having an interfaced music player to provide the device user to love the player while hearing music on it.


  • Samsung Galaxy S4:

    People using the device know how good the audio output of it is, the device has decent music output to make the user to experience a great music time and have a brilliant time. The loudspeakers of the smartphone are outstanding making the user to see the video without plugging in the earphones to get more clear sound.


  • HTC Butterfly:

    A phablet with crystal clear sound is an outstanding combination which HTC Butterfly has in it making the user to have a great time. With Beats Audio tie-up of the company, the sound quality of the phone can be imagined by a music lover that how clear and best it will be on hearing. It is a good smartphone as well as in specifications along with the audio functionality to deliver the best of it.

HTC Butterfly

Best Android Phones for Music Lovers
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