Android launchers have made the Android operating system running device to be more attractive, unique and make the device to have the personal touch of the user. Android is an open source OS which enables the applications to enable the person to customize and formulate their device according to their choice. The launchers help to apply and set a style on the home screen, applications or an activity specializing the elements of the device. You can change the visual impact of your smartphone completely by the help of launchers and make the phone to became a diverse one from others.

Themes and Android launchers both are needed to do the makeover of the Android smartphone, after downloading an Android launcher you only have to get the themes to give the different look to the smartphone. There are various themes present for customizing the phone and each different in many ways giving you to have a new way of using the phone on a daily basis. Themes serves as the main way of making the smartphone different from others and giving yourself a creative treat. Now you can change the bored and ordinary look of the smartphone with the help of Android launchers and themes. As told before there are several number of themes available for the smartphone, being outnumbered in nature it sometime becomes to choose which one and which not. We have brought some best Android themes for your device select and change the visual style of the device.


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Best Android Themes:

  • S-LuLuLu:

    It is a GO Launcher EX theme making the user to have the home screen and apps to be displayed in peppy, colorful form. If you are of colorful nature then download S-LuLuLu for your phone.


  • Legacy Neon Theme:

    Fan of Tron movie series, then have it for giving your phone a touch of blue black futuristic icons having a glowing neon background. Legacy Neon Theme makes the smartphone to be like it is being a part of Tron series.

Legacy Neon

  • Colors Reborn theme:

    Life without colors is dull and boring, colors makes us to feel good and make to experience more liveliness in us. Colors Reborn theme makes same factor work on your device showcasing colors in vibrant form on the device formulating it more attractive.

Colors reborn

  • iOS 8 Theme:

    We know that Android and iOS are fierce competitors/rivals, having differences in many things. Many people love the way iOS icons are placed and displayed. iOS 8 theme pack helps to have the same visual style to be in your device.

iOS 8

  • Coconut Theme:

    A unique theme making the Android smartphone to be look like a style icon formulating the icon to be way different before the installation of the theme. Coconut Theme can work on various launchers making everybody to use the theme pack and customize their smartphone into a classy one.

Coconut theme

There are some themes proving to provide the best to you and standing on your expectations to change the phone visual completely

Best Android Themes – Free Download
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