Antivirus is a much needed software or tool for all the smartphone users. Technology offers all the advance devices, although there’s no user’s security present on the devices. If you are good at using Internet from your Android device, you have to keep your phone secured from the hackers and some other irrelevant stuffs. Today we are up with a list of Best Antivirus for Android Phone, you can easily pick up one and download it for free for your device. Keep on reading!

 Best Antivirus for Android Phone – Free Download

1. AVG AntiVirus Security – FREE

1 AVG Antivirus

The product is from the most popular Antivirus provider, AVG. Over 100,000,000 people are using this app to keep their data secured from the other users. It carries a list of advance features to test out which keep your phone’s data secured from all the threats and attacks. Check out its features.

Features :

  • Scan apps, files, documents and media in real time
  • Lock and wipe your device to protect user privacy
  • Enable finding locations, maps and other GPS related things
  • Kill all the tasks instantly
  • Browse the web safely and securely

Download AntiVirus Security – FREE

2. 360 Security – Antivirus FREE

2 360 Antivirus

360 Security is a complete advance security app which is available for free for all types of Android Smartphone. The app gives you three tier security to keep your phone’s data and files secured from other virus attacks and threats. Check out its features.

Features :

  • All in one phone checkup to scan viruses, unwanted files, killing apps and much more
  • Phone cleaner clears everything unnecessarily stored on your device
  • Accelerator and power saver to boost the speed of your phone
  • Calls and SMS Blocker
  • Data monitor to keep an eye on your data

Download 360 Security – Antivirus FREE

3. Norton Security and Antivirus

3 Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus is one of the most trusted Antivirus app which is absolutely available for free for all the Android users. The app is simple and adorable to make use of it by any users. The app is available in free and paid versions, however you can get all the useful features of this app for free instantly.

Features :

  • Offers you a complete protection
  • SMS track to track your phone instantly
  • Scan and remove unwanted viruses automatically
  • App advisor, automatic cleaner and much more

Download Norton Security and Antivirus

4. Lookout

4 LookOut

Lookout is not just a security tool, it’s a complete productivity tool which offers a reliable user interface for its users. You can easily keep an eye on your phone’s data in real time.

Features :

  • App scanning, over the air scanning, continuous scanning, automatic scanning
  • Safe browsing while using your phone
  • Remotely lock your device and wipe all the data instantly in case you lost your device
  • Free Privacy advisor to take advises about your phone

Download LookOut 

5. McFree Mobile Security

5 McFree Antivirus

McFree Mobile Security is the most popular Antivirus tool available for Android users. You can easily download and install this advance Security tool on your device in a few minutes. Have a look on the list of its features.

Features :

  • CaptureCam captures images silently when you lost your device
  • Automatically saves your locations
  • Remotely wipe data when you lost your device and automatically lock it up
  • Locate and track your device easily
  • Manage everything stored on your device remotely

Download McFree Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for Android Phone – Free Download
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