There’s always something needed to secure your phone and its data. If you recently owned an iOS device, you probably might not aware of the best and a list of all the must have apps. Apart from that, when it comes to a mobile security, you must have to keep an Antivirus app to your device. Following we have prepared a list of the best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad which can make your iOS device totally secured. Go up and pick up your favourite Antivirus app from the following list. 

Best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad – Free Download

1. McAfee

McFree for iOS

McAfee is known as one of the most trusted Antivirus app for your iOS device. The app has got a list of useful features to prevent your smartphone from threats and other malware. The app alerts the users whenever something wrong is going to be happened, to avoid that vulnerability. It traces out the URLs of different sites which are harmful and will warn you before you can start exploring that site. Download it from the below link.

Download McAfee for iPhone and iPad

2. VirusBarrier

VirusBarrier for iOS

VirusBarrier is there to help you against all the common virus attacks. The app has got a lot of interesting and useful features to come up with the most secured iOS device. It enables user to scan everything on the go even if you want to scan the attachments of the mails. User can easily scan the files stored in Dropbox and other cloud storage software as well. The app Offers support against viruses, spams, malwares, exploits and a number of other threats. User can download and install this app from the official iTunes page by clicking on to the following link. 

Download VirusBarrier for iPhone and iPad

3. Norton

Norton for iOS

I know you already have heart about this name. Norton is the most known Antivirus tool which is there not only for the iOS devices, it is available widely for all the available smartphone platforms. With scanning of all the stored files, user can take backup of various things from this app before to do anything. It helps you in many ways to take backup and keep your phone secured. Download Norton from the following link.

Download Norton for iPhone and iPad

4. Lookout

Lookout for iOS

Lookout Mobile Security is the most user friendly Antivirus app for your iOS device. You can easily scan everything of your device. The app continuously runs as a backend app to keep you warned about the threats attacks or any malware attacks on the device. You can instantly delete the files from this app which are harmed by the virus attacks. User can set up a frequencies of scanning with this app. Auto updates option updates all the files instantly. You need not to update them manually, all the tasks can easily be done with this Lookout Mobile Security App. You can download this app from the official iTunes page from the following link. Just click the link and you will be able to download this tool for your iOS device.

Download Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad

5. Sophos Security Manager

Sophos for iOS

As the name says, Sophos Security Manager manages your phone’s security to save your data from any malware attacks. The app offers a simple user interface with an adorable graphics. It keeps you reminding about the attacks and other tips while you are exploring the web. It has a customized settings option to set up things easily. Sophos is for free and you can easily get it from the link given below.

Download Sophos Security Manager for iPhone and iPad

Best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad – Free Download
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