Podcast is basically a program formatted to be played on various systems which can be an audio, video and etc available in digital format to be downloaded automatically over the internet. People can access the podcasts through the application service acting as the client for the podcasts and them along with the feature to add new files automatically. Audio Podcast is one of most popular podcast accessed by a large number of people to listen to their favorite tracks and etc over the internet without any trouble and problem with ease offered by it to them.

There are various sites which serve as the host for the podcast and the size of the podcast is the determining factor for the ideal host for the user. There are several factors upon the person for selecting the ideal podcast site for hosting your audio like the features offered, size of your podcast and many related contents. We have made a guide which will aid you to choose one among the best audio podcast sites and the sites are best in features along with service delivery as expected by you.


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Best Audio Podcast Hosting Sites:

  • SoundHound:

    SoundHound doesn’t any introduction many people acknowledge the service and features offered by it to them. The site and its characteristics are basically aimed for the musicians providing them to host their podcasts. It is free also has the paid version which has more features to enjoy the services present on it.


  • Audiolip:

    It is a web based free service that allows you to formulate and share the podcast on the World Wide Web also you can acknowledge the latest and popular uploaded on the site to expand your collection. Audiolip enables you to play all your uploads on the site and share on social networking sites.


  • Amazon S3:

    Amazon S3 is a cheap and great podcasting service offering site allowing quality hosting features in comparison of other sites hosting pay services. The site is supportable to any sort of media content uploaded by you making it one of best present on the list. Having a large storage enables you to have great amount of files on it.


  • PodBean:

    Want to have an easy to access podcast service providing site, people who just want to use the service on causal basis it is a great thing to work on. Offering a sleek interface and mobile access feature along with you can customize the podcast according to your preference making to look attractive.




  • CastRoller:

    CastRoller is a well-known and recognized podcast host, the website is capable of hosting any sort of audio allowing you to upload and create your own podcast without any trouble or worry. The main thing which may bother many people is the processing of the site and replacement of the uploaded media. It is a solid host for the audio podcasts.


Best Audio Podcast Hosting Sites
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