Currently the people around the world are gripped in the fever of ICC World Cup and are cheering for their favorite teams hoping them to win the worldwide loved sports tournament. The enjoyment encountered while seeing and listening to the matches is so magical that a die-hard cricket fan will not miss a single delivery unseen. While watching a live cricket match between two national teams the atmosphere is so intoxicating and overwhelming that we feel that the game is being played in front of us. In today’s busy daily life one has not even a spare time to play the game and have a direct enjoyment experience.

If you are amongst the people having no time to play cricket then you can encounter a similar experience through games available for your smartphone and tablet. You can play the match with some prominent players like Chris Gayle, AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli and etc for getting a mind-blowing experience. The games allow you to get a basic feeling of playing the match with your best capability and making the way for your team to win the match. Here we have listed some best cricket games for Android allowing you to get an experience like you expected to get in real life.


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Best Cricket Games for Android:

  • Street Cricket:

    We all are familiar with the concept of Gully cricket where we used to play a 10-over match with our rules. The same thing is revived in Street Cricket allowing you to reencounter the childhood experience of playing cricket. Through this game you can see a great thrill and excitement on your Android device.

street cricket

  • Real Cricket:

    Talking about the games for the smartphones on cricket then this game should be mentioned. Real Cricket is a popular and famous game present for Android devices allowing you to get real cricket experience. The controls and graphics offered in the game are good for making you to get a never forgetting experience.

real cricket

  • Cricket Unlimited:

    Cricket Unlimited is a great cricket game allowing you to encounter the fun and excitement present in a match in plenty. There are various sort of varieties in batting and bowling for providing certain ways to excel in your skills. People love the characteristics offered and present in the game making them addictive towards the game.

cricket unlimited

  • Stick Cricket:

    If you are bored with the same cricket gameplay present in every game then you must Stick Cricket as it has a whole new gameplay. This game counts as one of most popular and widely played game in the sports genre due to the features present in it.

stick cricket

  • Rajni Cricket:

    No one messes with Rajnikant. Rajni Cricket is an unreal cricket experience offering game making the player to get addicted to it with the amazing gameplay present. The game has some brilliant funny and light hearted elements allowing you to play the game for long hours without a break.


rajni cricket

Best Cricket Games for Android Free Download 2015 (World Cup)
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