Apple has made a dominant position through it devices and making it big as days are passing by. Apple’s iPhone series is one of popular smartphones series in the world and people are fond of phones coming under the series, being initially developed in 2007 through launching the first generation iPhone. iPhone models runs on iOS mobile operating system also made and formulated by Apple Inc. for people to provide them a platform which is different in features and offering as compared to other mobile operating systems. The latest entry in the iPhone model series is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ released this year in September. Around 500 iPhone model units are sold till now in total.

iPhone is widely acclaimed for the design, appeal and look it has in it making people to have the attractiveness in their smartphone with the performance. A lot of accessories are available to make the phone to look cooler and mind blowing than it was there in the past. You can get a flip cover, charge stand or dock and etc. Today we are going to tell you about some best docking stations for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 and 5S.


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Best Docking Station For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 and 5S:

  • Gravitas:

    It is a good docking station for iPhone series and is strong in built as it is made of zinc alloy. Having support to be accessed by both new models and older ones, it makes the docking and undocking process easy as it has been made for regular use.


  • JBL OnBeat Venue:

    JBL is a renowned company and has made a great dock for iPhone smartphones. OnBeat Venue is one of the favorite docks of the iPhone users, allowing them to use it as a speaker dock and enjoy some great music. A micro version is also available for smartphone users and it can be used in place of this.


  • HiRise Dock:

    An attractive stand dock holding your iPhone high for enabling to answer a call or read messages while there on the dock. It has the height adjusting feature to fix the height of the dock stand when the phone is kept. It is available in silver color for people.


  • BOSE SoundDock Series III:

    Another attractive dock from well-known company for providing the user a premium feel and experience will using it. The dock is considered to be one of the best speaker docks for iPhone series having the capability, efficiency and performance to make the user to enjoy the using of the dock.


  • Rock-form:

    Rock-Form is a brilliant dock for iPhone devices having the creditability and stand for long due to being made of aircraft-grade aluminum which also provides it a quality richen look. It also has a back cover for iPhone to make the device safe and provide rock-solid safety to the user.


Best Docking Station for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 and 5S
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