Basically the most accessed and utilized characteristic of the internet is downloading of files of various contents. Most of the people generally access the internet to access and download the file present on a certain site on their device. A majority of people access and utilize the World Wide Web on their smartphones and tablets as they are more portable than PCs and laptops. Talking about smartphones and tablets Android is the largest accessed mobile operating system on the devices due to various characteristics inherited by it to make the using experience to be great and as expected.

Downloading the files of larger size is somewhat next to impossible on Android device as while the downloading process we encounter several issues. Issues related to the internet speed, connection and etc making the download to crash then starting it fresh. On the desktop we have certain download manager aiding us to perform the download of large content files easily and comfortably. Here today we have some best download manager for Android OS users allowing them to perform the download more properly and efficiently. The download managers provided in the list are good in functioning aiding you in making the downloading process to be manageable and efficient than the normal downloading.


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Best Download Manager for Android:

The download link is provided here for getting the selected manager which you find suitable according to your choice on your Android device without any problem or trouble.

  • Advanced Download Manager:

    If you want a simple and properly working manager for your downloads made on the Android device then you must try Advanced Download Manager. It automatically captures the files capable to be downloaded and supports various browsers to support your working done on the browsers. The downloaded files are backed up the app on the SD Card.


  • Loader Droid Manager:

    Loader Droid Manager has similar features as in Advanced download app, but it auto pauses the downloading process if any sort of connection error arises. You can increase the speed of download through cutting the downloading file into several parts and customize the app with the themes available.

loader droid

  • Easy Downloader Pro:

    This application generally has a nice user interface allowing the device user to enjoy while accessing it. You can perform about 10 downloads at the same time and in sequence to manage them well. No sort of lag will be there in speed while doing more than one download on Easy Downloader Pro

easy downloader

  • Download Blazer:

    Download Blazer is a nice application allowing you to get any sort of files if whatever content on your device but the main disadvantage present in it is no support for YouTube videos to download them. You can easily organize and manage the download running on the app without any difficulty.


  • Download Manager for Android:

    It is a free of cost application aiding you to organize the downloads and do it simply. Download Manager for Android is popular and about 10 million people have it on their Android device for accessing the features provided and present in it.

download manager

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