Looking for a change of your default download manager on Mac system? Want to get rid out of that? Well, we are up with a list of the best Download Manager applications that can be used to boost up the Downloading speed of your Mac. There are people who always download movies, software, songs and such things on a regular basis. They always searching for the best apps which can get them a good downloading speed. Well, we are recommending you to take a look on to the following list of the best download manager for Mac OS X and pick one from it. Here’s the list!

iGetter for MAc

Best Download Manager for Mac OS X

1. iGetter

iGetter is known as one of the best download managers available for your Mac system. This app is a complete user friendly one and even a newbie of Mac too can make use of it instantly without having get messed with it. iGetter has a special function called segment download to improve the downloading speed on your Mac. You can start downloading stuffs from this tool instantly. There are a number of different features are available to get the most out of it. Delete, exit, pause, restart and a number of such very useful features are available here on this tool. Download it now!

Download iGetter

2. Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader is kind of an advanced downloader manager which offers a number of advanced features like multi thread downloading, mirror search and things like this. You can see a decent list of the files which are being downloaded. You can manage downloading files right from the main homepage of it instantly. It’s a decent and a likeable tool to have on your Mac. Go and grab it now!

Download Progressive Downloader

3. Download Accelerator Plus

DAP is known as World’s most downloaded downloading manager for a Mac system. The tool has got plenty of useful options to get the best shots every time. Download Accelerator Plus allows you to download, manage, pause, restart, delete files from its homepage with an adorable design. You can be sticked to it if you are downloading stuffs most of the time. This tool is a complete productive one, go and grab it out now!

Download Accelerator PlusĀ 

4. Folx

Short and Sweet name it has got. Folx is the best download manager of a Mac system. It the most popular one which carries the best list of features inside. You can get the best experience of using a download manager tool on your Mac along with Folx. Folx allows you to download files automatically. You just need to click on to the link and Folx will itself catch them up! It’s an absolute free tool and you can easily get it downloaded from the following link. Download Folx now.

Download Folx

5. iNetGet

iNetGet gives you all the happiness while downloading a particular file. It has plenty of advanced features like auto resuming, improves download speed while using other things online and a few more others. This tool offers a decent user interface in which you can relive your Mac’s life instantly. Go and download it from the following link.

Download iNetGetĀ 

Best Download Manager for Mac OS X
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