Facebook is widely utilized by people all around the world allowing them to interact with friends, individuals and others. For most of people it has become the daily need which is to be fulfilled by them and see the current activities of the contacts present on Facebook. The people use the social networking site more on their smartphones rather than from their system as the whole user interface is diverse and unique in the mobiles. The browsing of Facebook from the internet browser like Chrome or Firefox is not so good and makes the person to avoid using it. For making the Facebook browsing more intuitive and attractive here are some best Facebook extensions for Chrome and Firefox.



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Best Facebook Extensions for Chrome and Firefox:

  • Facebook Notifications: With the help of Facebook Notifications you can get instant updates regarding your account and access them instantly just with a one simple click. An icon will be present aside the address bar where you will be able to see the notifications on the browser without any difficulty. The people can leave the Facebook tab and get the notifications while working on the browser with ease. The extension can be accessed only by Chrome users.


  • Social Fixer: The settings on Facebook are too integrated making the user to get easily frustrated with them. Through the help of Social Fixer you can fix the minor annoyances there on the social networking platform providing you advance control on the News Feed, adding the themes etc. This extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome allowing more people to tweak with their account.

Social Fixer

  • Facebook Disconnect: While using Facebook there are many third party websites trying to go through the security protocols of the social networking site in order to get access to your Facebook account. Facebook Disconnect is a good firewall aiding the user to avoid and disconnect the websites to get on your Facebook account. It aids you to disconnect from Facebook and performing the blocking of websites which try to take over your personal Facebook account.


  • Facebook Auto-Logout: Facebook Auto-Logout is the extension for the people concerned with the privacy of their Facebook account aiding them to add more protection to it. You can set the time delay after which the extension will automatically log out along with removing the cookies avoiding the site to trace you. The time on the extension can be set in hours, minutes also in seconds to protect the account from others.


  • AdBlock for Facebook: Irritated of ads on Facebook annoying you while accessing your then with the help of AdBlock for Facebook you can block the unwanted ads seamlessly. The extension is present for Firefox users aiding them to browse and utilize their Facebook account without any sort of difficulty and avoid the inconvenience caused by the ads.

ad block

Best Facebook Extensions for Chrome & Firefox
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