Security is an important measure and function for keeping the files safeguarded from others and avoiding the files to seen by others as preference of the user. Safeguarding helps the person to get and provide limited to the files which are personal along with important for the person also giving him/her a sense of relief while one uses the device. Every person now has a smartphone and uses it for performing several functions like playing games, sending mails and many more through their single device making their work to be done easily and comfortably without any tension. As the device performs these and several functions one has the worry about the security and safety of the files which are useful for the user.

For Android operating system users there are various applications provide the user to safeguard the files and other content form others. From the several we have listed some providing you to have the best file hide apps for Android.

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Best File Hiding Applications for Android:

  • AppLock:

    The application allows the user to lock certain apps and files on your Android device and restraining others to view them without your permission. You can set the password or pattern lock on the content present on the smartphone. Several customization options are there in AppLock for making the user to state the lock. AppLock is highly know for the features provide by it to the people and efficiency in working.


  • Andrognito:

    Andrognito is a good file hiding app for Android users making the person to lock the files and other content documents along with protected with password. The app’s interface is pretty good and doesn’t bores the person while using it, the application is itself locked by a pin and you can also make it unavailable on the App drawer of the device through the stealth mode present in it.


  • Smart Hide Calculator:

    It takes the hiding of file and other content to next level; no one will even that it is an app for hiding the files. On opening the application a calculator appears on which you have to type the numerical pin to use it for opening the hided files and hide other files. A unique interface makes it different from others allowing the users to safeguard their smartphone.

Smart hide

  • File Hide Expert:

    File Hide Expert is a popular app for hiding the files on the device and is fast along with reliable in working. It performs the functions easily and makes the user to make the hiding process to be done comfortably without any problem or trouble. The app has got a brilliant 4.1 rating on Google Play for the features and services provided by it.


  • Folder Lock:

    Application allows the user to shift the files to be locked in a certain folder and locking the entire folder making it unreachable to people whom the user doesn’t want to. Any content whether documents, contacts etc can be locked and made hidden through Folder Lock on the Android device for security purposes.

Folder lock

Best File Hide Apps for Android – Free APK Download
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