Android has been named as the largest used mobile operating system and has been recorded as the maximum selling OS as compared with Windows, iOS etc. There are more devices out there in globe running on Android and many not are close to mark made by it in the market. Published and developed by Google, the company regularly updates the operating system for enhancing the features present for giving the user a next level experience. It is open source platform making the user to customize it according to your preference and extend it according to using habit.

Google offers the option of expandable memory in the Android devices and you can access the files through the file manager present in the device. The file manager serves as the link between the user and files kept on the external and internal storage of the device. There are various other file manager applications present for giving the user to have something distinctive and dissimilar with the pre-installed file manager app present in the Android device. The other file manager apps are good then the pre-installed ones and perform the work more properly and distinctly, making a good choice then the original one. The pre-installed ones lacks the attractiveness, functionality and the look for making the user to have the comfort during working through the smartphone.


File Managers for Android:

  • ES File Explorer:

    Discussing about the file manager apps, then ES File Explorer is the one which should be thought first in the list. It is a fully-highlighted and free of cost app for you allowing to work as an application management along with being task killer rather than staying a normal file manager.


  • Astro File Manager:

    Looking for a file manager app to be having a distinct look and using experience then look no further as Astro File Manager. Astro File Manager offers the Android device user to organize their media like pictures, audio and video in a proper way than others. It is free of cost application allowing you to have the full use of it.


  • Tomi File Explorer (Manager):

    Tomi File Manager is a basically designed and formulated with keeping in mind the habits of users and their working. Many have said that it is the best file manager app present for the Android smartphone and is fully-efficient in performing its work.


  • File Explorer:

    NextApp Inc. has developed the File Explorer for Android device users keeping the straight view on look and feel of the manager. It has got an outstanding 4.3 rating on the Google Play App store by the people who have loved the app and downloaded it in their devices.

File explorer

  • File Commander:

    File Commander is a good application for managing the files present on your device efficiently and properly. It allows the user to access the remote file and share file, allowing you to have the files anywhere in the world. Recycle Bin feature allows you restore the deleted files and folders permitting you to explore the files.


These were the file managers for Android and it up to you for selecting one of them among the several present out there.

Best File Manager for Android – APK Download for Free
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