There are various applications present for the smartphones and tablets helping them to perform their work easier along with in an efficient way. Among the applications the most common app is the flashlight mostly probably on every smartphone and tablet, enabling the user to access it for the purpose it has been developed. The apps aid the user to see clear in a darken area which is performed by the app as expected. Flashlight apps are also there for Android OS users allowing them to use them on their devices. The flashlight apps are present in an outnumbered ratio performing their work properly, but among them choosing the best flashlight apps is a difficult task.

We have listed some best flashlight apps for your Android device allowing you to download and install them. Access them for the purpose you needed them on your smartphone or tablet.


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Best Flashlight Apps for Android:

  • Tiny Flashlight + LED:

    Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple, free flashlight application for the Android OS users and is one of the best applications present in productive genre. Easy in use and has pretty decent interface for the user to access it fully and efficiently. Supports Widget in order to make the app to be accessible from the home screen without any problem.


  • Color Flashlight:

    The app needs a low amount of permission to run on your device allowing you to access the various features present on it. Color Flashlight aid you to interchange your device’s screen into the flashlight consisting several colors, shapes and etc to make the user to have a good time while using it.

color flashlight

  • Flashlight HD LED:

    Flashlight HD LED is a similar app through which you can utilize the both LED flash and the screen of device to create along with access them as the flashlight. From the app you can choose whether you want to make the device to be used as the flashlight or the LED. Customize the app through the features available.


  • Super Bright LED Flashlight:

    Just as the name it delivers a bright flashlight with the help of your LED allowing you to turn your device into the brightest flashlight. Super Bright LED Flashlight is a tough competitor among other apps present in the same category and genre.

super bright

  • Torch:

    Torch is basically an app having a friendly user interface and basically people know due to been integrated into Custom ROMs previously which advanced it in using. The app is great in use and properly functions without any problem to make the user to encounter a great time which accessing it.


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