Google Docs is a great web-based software containing the features of an office suite aiding the person to use it as a word processor, presentation tool and spreadsheet. The service is offered by Google through its Google Drive, a person can perform editing of documents along with can create new docs and sharing them with other people in real time easily. The tool is there in three forms available as a desktop application, as Chrome app and as web app that can be accessed by you on your suitability and preference.

It is not the only online office suite; other tools are also available, aiding you to perform your work effectively and easily. Here are the best free Google Docs alternatives available for you.


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Best Free Google Docs Alternatives:

  • Office Online: Office Online is the answer of Microsoft to Google Docs, working exactly like Google Docs. Just like the Microsoft Office you can every action on it in order to do your work with ease and allows you to save the documents to OneDrive. There are many similarities in the working of both office suites, making you to get comfy while using it.


  • Hackpad: It is an elegant, collaborative office tool available online offered by Dropbox stated as the clone of Google Docs by a lot of people. With the help of the Hackpad you can easily generate new documents and edit them that will be backed up by Dropbox. For business professionals it serves as a good alternative of Google Docs.


  • Etherpad Lite: If you want to work on only one document and avoid troubles in multi-tasking, then Etherpad Lite is a good offering. Etherpad Lite is not a fancy tool aiding you to create the document and offers you a link for inviting the friends to perform real-time teamwork to make the work more efficient and perfect.


  • Zoho: Zoho offers the capability as it is there in Google Docs and Office Online, but through some unique features makes it a greater choice than others. It is available for various platforms also allowing you to automatically sync the work done. You can almost do anything on it that you have performed on Word.


  • Buzzword: This online office suite tool is offered by Adobe and comprises as the simplest tool for document creation etc you can get. Buzzword allows you to keep your focus to be maintained on the regular documentation. The services offered are easy to utilize and will make you to get addicted to it in less time.


Best Free Google Docs Alternatives
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