Working together is the essence of a team aiding the people in the team to share their views and ideas for a particular project for getting the efficient and proper output. The collaboration is sometimes costly as all team members are not present at the same location and means like video conferencing is not affordable for all. For the small groups and teams we have got a list of best free project & document collaboration tools aiding them to work on projects and documents with ease.

The collaboration tools for projects and documents provided are free of cost and are present on the internet. You can easily use them for team meetings etc without encountering any trouble.



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Best Free Project & Document Collaboration Tools:

  • Slack: Slack is a great means for teams to collaborate, you can say that this tool is chat on steroids. It offers you to perform different communications in diverse channels, the main means of connecting are chats in Slack. The tool is easy to use due to the simple interface it contains and makes you to use it more often.


  • Trello: It is a tool for people looking for a better and controllable means of team communication that is simple to access. Trello allows you to organize the tasks in individual forms in a small card divided into columns, sending to others with the description as you want on it.


  • Asana: Asana is speedy and a good to use multitasking collaborative tool for teams. If you are a manager then you will find useful and use it for performing multiple task single-handedly. With its help, you can easily make collaboration with 30 users and decide the work priorities for each of them without trouble.


  • Cohuman: For a team looking for social-task based collaboration tool where every person in a team can view the tasks easily, Cohuman is a good choice. The social approach is similar to social networking site like Facebook and Twitter aiding the team members to be informed easily through Recent Activity feature.


  • Dropbox: Dropbox needs no introduction and a lot people know the services offered by it. The main thing that you can do is perform teamwork collaboration that can easily be shared with team members easily accessible by them on their systems.



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Best Free Project & Document Collaboration Tools
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