Free things are loved by all whether small or big in size and no one leaves when they are available. The main thing about the free things that it comes without any sort of trouble and little work is to be performed for them. Nowadays there are several apps allowing you to gain free recharge to be credited on your smartphone and is getting popular with the passing days due to the offered features and characteristics. Through the apps you can easily can get the recharge for free just download the app and perform the asked steps enabling you to recharge your mobile. Several best free recharge apps for Android are available to be downloaded on the smartphone without any cost.

The apps are supported for recharging the outnumbered mobile network providers like Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone and several others whether being a prepaid or postpaid number. The steps to do for crediting the account with free recharge:

  1. Download the App from the link
  2. Create your Account and signup on the app
  3. Maintain a password for securing the app
  4. Complete the offers coming up after you have signed up on the application.

Basically the offers will ask to send the invites to friend to download and signup on the app or you have to yourself download the prescribed app. The steps will aid you to get the free recharge on your smartphone. The apps don’t perform any sort of fraud with the users and are efficient in working enabling you to get the recharge without any hidden procedures.


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Best Free Recharge Apps for Android:

There are several applications present on Android OS performing the free recharge without any problem but among them some are best free recharge apps for Android allowing you to enjoy the features offered. Here we have provided a list of best free recharge apps for Android.

  • mCent:

    mCent is a free recharge providing app for smartphones rewarding airtime through fulfilling the various activities. The reward is by the advertiser promoting the products (basically applications) with the help of mCent. The app is free of cost to download and is the most popular among the apps in the same genre.


  • Ladooo:

    Working as same mCent but offers the users the experience in a unique way allowing the user to interact with the app properly. Ladooo is an Indian app as one can get through the name of the app, offers to recharge your number whether you are using a postpaid or prepaid number. It has built in support features to resolve any problem related to the app.


  • Earn Talktime:

    Want to earn recharge your number in user friendly way along get some additional benefits like availing discounts and many more. Earn Talktime is a great application and you can recharge the account through inviting people on it.

earn talktime

These apps are efficient in their working and perform the function properly as expected by you on your Android smartphone.

Best Free Recharge Apps for Android – Free Talktime for Smartphone (APK Download)
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