Smartphones has changed the entire view what people thought about the mobile phones that they are only a medium of calling and texting individuals and no more than that they can. Now through their devices they can do more than the usual functions and have become an important along with an integral part of the person’s life. You can do many things on one gadget and simplifying your work with it, various applications are present there for making it a life-saver at the time of need and keep up to the expectations.

Android device users can do more than just calling their friends and others, as it provides them the option having face to face chat with them through the help of several applications. You can do video calls to other through the device and the encounter a different along with outstanding way of connecting. For having the video calls effectively and properly, you should have a 3G connection or Wi-Fi connection as it needs a good and speedy internet for staying connected with people during the video chat.

Video calling

Best Video Calling Apps for Android Available for Free:

As you know that getting a good internet speed requires a lot of time along with it also wants some shredding of your wallet. There are several applications for allowing the Android smartphone user to make video chat; some are available for free while certain are there for purchase.

No one would want to spend an amount upon the application after spending on the internet connection for maintaining it proper. We have got the best video calling apps for Android out there for free giving you the finest among the various others.

  • Skype:

    Talking about video chat and no speak over Skype it is not good. Skype has been among the popular and widely used service for video calling, it is available for Android devices for using the service. Developed by Microsoft it has made a significant stand in people’s mind when it comes video calling.


  • ooVoo Video Call:

    ooVoo Video Call application is an allowing several individuals to make video call to others. It is an acclaimed app and has been awarded as the Tabby Award winner in the Social Category Android app category in 2013. It is an adjacent competitor of Skype and gives it a tough battle.


  • Tango:

    Not heard of Tango then you have certainly missed a good thing, it is credible in working and almost 200 million people are there on the app utilizing the service offered to them. It is been recorded as 12th largely downloaded application in the Android market and is being known as simplest chat app present in the market.


  • Google Hangouts:

    Recognized by many that Android operating system is developed and marketed by Google, so giving the Android users the best of their OS, they have given them a video call app ‘Hangouts’. Hangouts is an unique app basically mean for people who don’t anything more than an application doing the things just needed at the time in the conversation.


  • WeChat:   

    WeChat is an instant messaging application offering people video and live calling feature for giving a next hand experience to the users. It is capable of giving a hard competition to other applications present in the market with the same offering as it.


Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android – Free Download
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