People have encountered the period where there was only landline phones present for contacting other individuals and get the communication with several. Now the scenario is completely changed, today if you don’t have a smartphone in your pocket then you are considered to be backward or considered to be person living in the old age. Smartphones have become a classified need of the population of the world. They make the person enjoy their work and giving something new every time the thought of. Having access to outstanding number of applications makes the device a key to enjoyment, entertainment and leisure along with making work to be done in ease.

Android operating system is developed by Google as acknowledge by many and has been among widely used mobile OS, the popularity of the operating system is unable to describe in words. The operating system offers people many elements aiding them to have a quality time. It also offers individuals to make voice calls and chat with others through the applications present in the device. The application utilizes your internet data connection for making the calls and it doesn’t costs a fortune to make for communicating and contacting people. It is widely used by various Android device users.



Best Voice Calling Apps for Android Available for Free:

There are many developers who have formulated applications for giving people the chance to connect with other through the device other than the normal calling. Various voice calling apps being present are free of cost and some are at hand willing to be purchased by the user, to encounter the experience offered.

  • Viber:

    Viber is a popular and established application known for its light and live user interface for communicating with people. It is an app widely used having about 200 million users active on it as a daily basis and contacting people.


  • Facebook Messenger:

    Yes you read it right this application can provide you to call on through it other than chatting with your Facebook friends. Facebook Messenger has recently got this update from the developing company and has allowed its users to connect with people on the social site. But the main flaw with it is that the other person should also have the latest version of the app.


  • LINE:

    An application which was made as an answer to disaster taken after the earthquake, no one that it would rise and will build such a huge network along with having a large 550 million individuals active on it. LINE offers it users to get in touch with other people through voice calling in an easy manner.


  • Nimbuzz Messenger:

    People use this messenger also in their feature phones and it is also available for Android users for having a complete out of the ordinary way of communicating with other. Nimbuzz Messenger is a marvelous way of connecting with people.


  • KakaoTalk:

    KakaoTalk is a worthy app allowing public to connect with several others on their Android devices. It allows the user to make the voice calls for free and serves as a good choice for people wanting to call more than one person at the same time.


Best Free Voice Calling Apps for Android – Free Download
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