As we know that how famous, popular, addicting and acclaimed the puzzle game Candy Crush Saga is in the smartphone industry. Launched by King in 2012 for Facebook and at the end of the year it was there for smartphones, making the people to encounter the same experience on their mobile devices. The game has slight variation from the original game Candy Crush and having some new updates to enhance the gameplay offered to the public. The game is been downloaded by about 10 million people showing the break-through success of it on the smartphone industry making the public addicted and playing it for hours.

The game is somewhat becomes boring when a person hangs or halts on a level due to unable to clear it and for many other reasons the player starts getting bored with the same gaming experience. You can try various other best games like Candy Crush Saga replicating the same charm like it in a different and unique way to the player. We have listed a few best games like Candy Crush Saga for Android & iPhone / iPad.

Candy Crush Saga

Best Games like Candy Crush Saga for Android & iPhone & iPad:

  • Farm Heroes Saga:

    A game from the developers of Candy Crush Saga to the people and the addition to the Saga series. Farm Heroes Saga has the same ingredients, things like Candy Crush but has them in a different and distinct flavor for making the user to feel that the game is way different from it along with enjoy while playing it on their devices.

Farm heroes saga

  • Bejeweled:

    Bejeweled is a puzzle game which is in the smartphone gaming industry for about 13 years and the other games are based somewhat similar to the format of this game. It is developed by PopCap Games; the player has to match the three gems of same colors in the level. There are various genres for making the entertainment level in the game to be high always.


  • Juice Cubes:

    Rovio has developed Juice Cubes to provide Candy Crush Saga a tough competition and for making a dominance in the puzzle genre of smartphone gaming industry. The game is same what a puzzle game offers in this the player has to connect the same fruits cubes in a line for clearing the level and winning it. A great tactile game offering the person playing to use all his/her intelligence to play for winning it.


  • Dots:

    Dots is a simple puzzle game having a straight-forward concept game where the player has to match the little dots together as a bunch in precise manner. It is highly recommended for people who are wishing to have a simple and light game for their smartphones.


  • Frozen Free Fall:

    Frozen Free Fall is a good puzzle game offered by Disney to people, you can try it for getting out of Candy Crush Saga’s gameplay hangover. The game has about 75 levels to make sure that it last for more than you thought it will and some power-ups are there to maintain the excitement in it.


Best Games like Candy Crush Saga for Android & iPhone / iPad
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