Talking about the games present on Facebook, then the name of Farmville comes to the topmost in the discussion. Farmville was officially launched on the social networking site on 2009 by Zynga presenting them a social simulation game based on farming, with some beautiful graphics and look. Players can perform several aspects of farming such as planting, growing, plowing the land and yielding the planted crop, making them have an overall experience done by farmers in their occupation. The availability of the application is as an Adobe Flash app on Facebook. It is a single player game offering the user to have the multiplayer interaction and no need to spend a penny.

Farmville has now become the most admired game on the social networking site Facebook; it has won the Best New Online/Social Game by the Game Developer’s Conference in the year 2010. After spending a two year time on the site it ranked as the seventh most acclaimed game present on Facebook, creating the attractiveness present in the gameplay. The game has been played by a million of people active on Facebook and are creating their farm unique through their creativity.


Games like Farmville on Facebook:

Recently Farmville has lost its charm and is decreasing its popularity; various people have left playing the game and are looking for the alternatives present for the game. Farmville is been named as the seventy-third most liked game present on Facebook. We have made a list of the games like Farmville available on Facebook.

  • CityVille:

    Having the similar popularity like Farmville, it is an admired game played by many and has a distinct characteristic then the farming game. Here you have to build, maintain and manage your city. Create your own city and collect various gifts in the game on doing so.


  • FarmVille 2:

    Zynga has released the second version of the Farmville to retake the lost popularity and place among the people’s mind making the comeback of the game in a new way. The improvements are done in the game in the form of graphics and giving fresh characters.

Farmville 2

  • YoVille:

    Yoville is also developed by Zynga and is based on social/causal genre; you can meet the characters present in the game and go to the club, shopping all you can do which a social game allows.


  • FishVille:

    You might have an aquarium in your house and it is maintained by your elders, how about having a virtual aquarium on your favorite Facebook. FishVille is all about having and maintaining aquarium having visually stunning graphics making the player to stay on for hours and experience the outstanding game.


  • CastleVille:

    Dreamt of being in the ancient time and live in your castle, then you must play it as it offers all you dream of. CastleVille is a simulation game where you have to build your own castle and reward the people residing in the kingdom a livelihood to perform. It offers many interesting medium for making you to stick to it.


Here was the list for the games like FarmVille available on Facebook for playing.


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