Google is the perfect search engine and almost every day every person search on it for get the results about the queries present in mind for anything. The daily search on the site counts to three billion making it a reliable, efficient and most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. Google has many competitors in search engines among the many like Yahoo, Bing etc, but it is continuing to dominant them through the trust and belief of the people upon it. The company is making new innovations for taking more steps in search engine optimization.

Apart from being a popular search engine on the internet, it has many cool tricks, tips and hacks for having fun while working on Google. It allows the user to bend the search engine and have some funny moments on it. These tricks, tips and hacks are less known by people and are don’t able to see these interesting facts about Google. We have enumerated some hacks, tricks and tips about Google search for you making acknowledged about them.


Google Tips, Tricks and Hacks:

  • You can do the famous spin page trick by typing and searching ‘do a barrel roll’ or by searching ‘Z or R twice’.
  • Block the search engine for getting information other than search made by using the service Disconnect which will work all website went through Google.
  • Search for a website just typing ‘site’ followed by the URL of the searched site along with the searched terms.
  • Tilt the search page just by searching ‘tilt’ or searching ‘askew’ on the Google search engine.
  • Want to solve a mathematics question, do it while searching on Google. Search the question on Google and have the answer.


  • Having less time for search, then do more than one Google search at the same time by simply adding ‘OR’ between the searched terms.
  • Need to search and don’t want the search engine to send the IP address to Google, the use the DuckDuckGo for the searching process.
  • Including ‘anagram’ in your search terms, the search engine will start making anagrams for you, even if are searching for define anagram.
  • What if your search results are killed by small O’s. For doing so you search for ‘zerg rush’ and see the animation making you giggle.
  • Need to calculate that how much tip should be given on the bill made, then just type and search for calculate tip for this on Google.
  • A fact about Google Translate is that you can also draw symbols and characters on it for getting the meaning of the drawn character and symbol.
  • Want to see that how the most used Google search engine used to look in 90’s, then search for ‘Google in 1998’ and see the magic.


  • Atari Breakout, the game you can play on Google images. Just type ‘Atari breakout’ on Google images and search it, then the play the game for fun.
  • Get the definition of the word just by adding ‘define’ with the searched term.

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