Downloading is a major activity done by every person accessing the internet while using it on their devices to get the needed content from the web. Basically for performing the download we all need a download speed regardless of the internet connection speed as it makes the things more organized and proper. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a popular download manager allowing the user to do the downloading procedure with ease and perform the function properly. But the download manager comes with a 30-day trial and when the time period exhausts the user has to buy the tool for using it further.

If you want to avoid IDM and rid off from it or willing to replace it with another then we have a list of IDM alternatives for Windows & Mac to have the best alternative to it. The list will aid you to have the efficient and proper download manager as expected by you both for Windows and Mac.


Best IDM Alternative for Windows & Mac:

  • Download Accelerator Plus:

    Download Accelerator Plus is a good alternative for IDM serving the people just as they expect to get it. The download manager is available for both Windows and Mac operating system offering plenty of options to get the best out of it. Download Accelerator Plus has an adorable user interface to make the user to avoid the boredom while accessing it. Manage your downloading through the help of this tool.


  • EagleGet:

    Another alternative to IDM is Eagleget which is an excellent offering working free of cost and making the user to exercise many benefits while using it. The tool serves and performs every single function just like IDM making the downloading to be easy along getting the things done just as wanted. Eagleget is only available for Windows operating system users allowing them to exercise the benefits present in it.


  • iGetter:

    For Mac operating system iGetter serves a great option for having a download manager and contains such a user interface that a newbie Mac user can access it. There are several different features present on the tool to get the expected result and efficiency from it while performing the download process on the Mac system. iGetter is popular among the Mac users and choose it as priority for downloading any file from the World Wide Web.


  • Orbit Downloader:

    Orbit Downloader is fully packed download manger and contains the features allowing the user to perform the download of files from various places. The person can download content from YouTube and several sites to get the desired file on their system without experiencing any sort of trouble. The tool is present only for Windows operating system users for availing the characteristics possessed by it.


  • Folx:

    Looking for a better download manager IDM on your Mac system then give Folx a try as it has the features making it worth it. The tool performs similar functioning just like any other download manager to make the user to do the downloading with ease along with efficiency just as expected.


Best IDM Alternatives for Windows & Mac
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