If you are wondering what’s the difference between Kindle, Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis eBook readers and couldn’t make up your mind which one to choose, we have made a comparison between all of them here. As you know, Amazon has got three Kindle devices with a set of different features for everyone, you can get something unique from each one of them. Just to get you the right information of all the Kindle and its available variants, we’d like you to follow this comparison chart. We have enlisted all the Kindle devices with available features and more. Start following them right now!

Best Kindle to Buy in India – Kindle vs Paperwhite vs Voyage vs Oasis

1. The new Budget Kindle

New Kindle

Amazon has recently upgraded its budget Kindle and is now available with a set of stunningly excited features to grab the best of eBooks to read and to improve your knowledge with. The new design is more thinner and lighter. You can have black and white choices to pick from. User can choose any book from the store to buy and to download some of them for free. It looks absolutely stunning and gives you the best of reading experience within your hands.

Price : 5,999.00 INR

2. The new Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is a second generation Kindle from Amazon. The new Kindle Paperwhite has been upgraded with a few additional features for the readers. The new Kindle Paperwhite offers High-resolution display with 300 ppi – reads like real paper to feel like you are reading a physical book. Exclusive fonts to read a selected book well. Built-in adjustable light – read day and night according to the weather outside. It has no no screen glare, which means user can even read books in bright sunlight. It works perfectly and able to make everything visible. The new Kindle Paperwhite offers over 30000 free eBooks along with over a million paid books to download within.

Price : 10,999.00 INR

3. The new Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage

The new Kindle Voyage is a third generation Kindle device from Amazon which is a high end one with of course a number of extraordinary features to make your reading more interesting. The device is passionately crafted for readers who love to read a lot. It has a High-resolution 300 ppi display-reads even more like the printed page to read like a real physical book. PagePress enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger, make your reading more easier than ever before. It offers an ideal brightness which works perfectly automatically in day and night. The new Kindle Voyage offers good battery backup, it can work for weeks not for just a few hours. Keep your Kindle Voyage everywhere without having to be worried about the battery. Massive books selection with the lowest price to select. Get additional discounts on popular books within the store. You can connect your device to the web to connect with like minded readers and learn more vocabulary. It’s a power packed eBook reader with a set of advance features.

Price : 16,499.00 INR

4. The new Kindle Oasis

Kidnle Oasis

The new Kindle Oasis is an excellent and a top range Kindle device from Amazon. The new Kindle Oasis comes along with a leather charging cover at Amazon. Read even more comfortably with the thinnest and lightest Kindle ever, the Oasis. All-new ergonomic design with physical buttons to effortlessly turn the page. High-resolution 300 ppi display with crisp, laser quality text. You can even read books in the day light as there is no glare to the display. Read peacefully with more interest with its dashing design. Users are offers a huge collection of books for all kinds. You can easily surf a huge library of books within the store and can easily grab them out at a discounted prices. Exclusive features help build your vocabulary. User can learn about the characters and can even connect with like minded people. It has Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity to connect to the web.

Price : 23,999.00 INR

So folks, these were all the available variants of a popular Amazon Kindle device. The devices are massively popular and you can choose the best of them according to your basic needs. Since the prices are also different, users can buy the most suitable one from the available variants. If you have low budget, the budget Kindle also offers pretty much everything to get the best of reading experience.

Additionally, you can have more closer look to the comparison of these Kindle devices by following the below given Comparison chart. Just take a look on the Table where we have compared all the available variants of the devices. Take a look and decide for your self.

Comparison of Kindle E-Readers

Variant The new Budget KindleThe new Kindle PaperwhiteThe new Kindle VoyageThe new Kindle Oasis
Price5,999.00 INRStarting at 10,999.00 INRStarting at 16,499.00 INRStarting at 23,999.00
Screen Size6" 6" 6" 6"
Glare Free ScreenYes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in LightNoYesYes with Adaptive Light SensorYes
Page TurnsTouchscreenTouchscreenTouchscreen along with PagePressTouchscreen along with Pagetunrs buttons
ConnectivityWi-Fi Wi-Fi or
Wi-Fi + Free 3G
Wi-Fi or
Wi-Fi + Free 3G
Wi-Fi or
Wi-Fi + Free 3G
Resolution167 ppi 300 ppi 300 ppi 300 ppi
StorageThousands of Books Thousands of Books Thousands of Books Thousands of Books
Weight161g Wifi: 205g
Wi-Fi + Free 3G: 217g
Wi-Fi: 180g
Wi-Fi + Free 3G: 188g
Wi-Fi: 131g
Wi-Fi + Free 3G: 133g
Battery LifeBattery lasts weeks Battery lasts weeks Battery lasts weeks Battery lasts months



Best Kindle to Buy in India – Kindle vs Paperwhite vs Voyage vs Oasis
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