While using the smartphones or tablets running on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS we all use the lock screen of the device for going to the home screen of the device for accessing the apps. The lock screen serves as an essential and disused character of the device which at one hand restrains you from launching an application or texting someone accidentally. Through the help of lock screen you can avoid the unauthorized and unwanted access to your smartphone or tablet which might be useful making the useful information to get in wrong hands.

Many Android devices contain a simple and plain lock screen which is usually boring and makes the user to get disoriented easily from it. There are many applications that have the capacity and tweaks aiding the Android user to customize the lock screen from creating the boring look to something useful. Among all the Lock screen applications we have listed about the best 5 lock screen applications which are diverse from each other and contain high level of customization as expected by the user to perform to make a unique lock screen for their device.

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Best Lock Screen Apps for Android:

  • ZUI Locker: It is a strikingly decorated application containing the features which aids you to create to build the entire lock screen as preferred by you. As the installation of the app is completed it takes you to the Settings menu where you can access the tool to compose a lock screen. ZUI Locker also provides you a beautiful set of wallpapers and styles along with some rich themes to personalize it.

ZUI Locker

  • LokLok: LokLok offers the Android user to be more creative and share their developed lock screen easily. The application turns the lock screen into a whiteboard which can be used for creating the messages, drawings and photos which can easily be shared with other people. It also serves as a visual communication application that is present on the lock screen.


  • Cover: Do you need an adaptable smart application for your Android device’s lock screen which acknowledges the apps mostly accessed by you then Cover is the app to look forward to. When you begin the installation of the app in the between of the process asks the user about the home and work address etc to provide you a better accessibility of apps.


  • Firefly: The insect is known for the beauty it possesses and showcases to the viewer, the app is same in terms of look and decorations. Firefly is a live wallpaper lock screen which is beautiful and attractive on accessing making you to see the beauty of night and nature.


  • Semper: Semper is a great app for people who are keen to learn things and always want to make sure that their brain is always on work with ease. The lock screen customizing application allows the user to perform effortless learning just by locking and unlocking the device.


Best Lock Screen Apps for Android – APK Download
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