While performing our working we all encounter some new words of English Language which never came up in front of us before and we don’t the meaning of these words. This is where a dictionary comes in handy allowing us to acknowledge the meaning and use of the new words along with getting the emphasis/use of it. The dictionary is a daily need for students and people engaged in the writing profession as it aids them to get new words to increase their vocabulary and add new words to their mind to raise the impact of their sentences.

Today there are a large number of people using smartphones and using the apps present in the mobile operating systems to ease their working along with boost their user experience. Among the large app ecosystem there are several applications serving as offline dictionary for the users to provide them handy translation of words. The apps are of great use and don’t need the internet connection to perform their work without charging any sort of amount to the services provided. Offline Dictionary is best for people who face lagging internet connection on their devices and are unable to get the required meaning of a particular word. Today we at Tech Raze are going to tell about some best offline dictionary apps for Android smartphones & tablets for you.


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Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android Smartphones & Tablets:

  • WordWeb:

    WordWeb is a great application serving the people to access it as a dictionary and thesaurus tool. The application has a large database of words which constitute to about more than 2 million aiding the user to get the meaning etc of a particular word easily. Due to the large database many people like to use it and download it on their devices.

word web

  • Merriam Webster:

    Giving a tough competition to WordWeb the Merriam Webster is another application serving as an offline dictionary for the people. Through the app you can get the significance of any English word or phrase just by entering it in the app. There is no need or requirement of internet connection to get the exact and needed meaning of the word.

merriam webster apk

  • English Offline Dictionary:

    If you need a simple and easy to use offline dictionary then you can give a try to English Offline Dictionary. The application is easy to access and has a large word database allowing the user to get the required meaning of the particular word. With the help of the app you can learn new words on a daily basis increasing your vocabulary.

english dictionary

  • RDict Offline Dictionary:

    RDict Offline Dictionary is a small and light offline dictionary app allowing the user to avoid carrying a physical dictionary to check the significance of words. The application is free of cost and doesn’t charge any amount for the service accessed by the people through it.


  • Offline Dictionary:

    Another application providing you to get the meaning of a particular word or phrase without the need of internet connection. Offline Dictionary is a good application allowing you to get the meaning in several languages like in French, Spanish, and Arabic etc. The application also provides the Synonyms and anagrams for accessing to the user.

offline dicionary

Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android Smartphones & Tablets
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