While reading a news or magazine article on our iOS we come to across a word difficult to understand and making the whole sentence in appropriate to familiar with. Sometimes we all try to Google the meaning but the lagging internet connection makes us to get the meaning of the word or phrase in time resulting the loss of interest in the article. An alternative to it are the dictionary apps which allow you to get the significance of the phrase in less time and continue doing our work without any trouble.

There are two sorts of dictionary apps for the users to access on their devices one is Online and another one is Offline. Online dictionary apps use and need the internet connection to allow the people for the accessing the service. Whereas the offline dictionary apps don’t need any internet connection to provide the meaning of a particular word/phrase to the user. The main problem of the online apps is that they need the internet connection to work properly and without it they are incomplete for providing the desired word meaning. People generally prefer the offline dictionary apps as they inverse of the online one and make the user to get the performance needed. Here are some best offline dictionary apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod for you to get the needed app.



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Best Offline Dictionary Apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch:

  • Merriam Webster:

    Merriam Webster is a popular mobile offline dictionary app allowing the user to get the word / phrase meaning at instance on the device. People don’t having a good internet connection on their iOS device prefer the app for getting the significance of the word or phrase. Through the app you can mark some definitions as your ‘Favorite’ for future reference.

merriam webster

  • Dictionary!:

    Another application like Merriam Webster serving the user for having the meaning of the word or phrase through the large word bank database present in it. The application is available for iOS users working both as offline and online to be accessed by the user on his/her preference. With Dictionary! you can also copy the definitions to clipboard and search for further analysis.

ios dictinoary

  • WordWeb:

    WordWeb is a multiple and cross multiplatform supporting offline dictionary application allowing the user to get the meaning of the word / phrase. The application has a quite large word database with which you can search a difficult seeming word with ease. The user can access the given filters to limit the search for better results.



  • Offline Dictionary:

    Wanting no complexity and high end features in the offline dictionary just providing you the meaning of the searched word then try Offline Dictionary. The application allows the iOS user to get instant meaning to the word searched without any trouble and internet connection.


  • Dictionary.com:

    Dictionary.com is a good application allowing the iOS device users to have a great aid for searching the significance of a word / phrase. Along with a dictionary it also serves as a thesaurus application for avoiding the need of two separate apps. You can also search the word meaning through the voice search feature there in the app.


Best Offline Dictionary Apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
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