With the continuous evolving technology the utilization of previous discoveries and invention potentially decrease resulting in lessen acknowledgement about the know-how related to it. The same thing applies to the Fax system which has lost its use amidst of the new ways of sending the business messages. But still the businesses use it as their common practice as it is been the best way to get the document from point to point. The physical fax machines are hassle when it comes in using them to send the important documents related to the working of the business and often been a slow medium of sending the documents.

There are several online Fax services present on the internet allowing you to send the document with ease and track it on real time basis. Many documents are formulated in digital format and sending them in that format is easy and serves as conservative way to do so. Various sites offering people to access them for sending the fax through them. We have listed some best online fax services having the features as expected by you from them.


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Best Online Fax Services:

  • FaxZero:

    FaxZero is a great online fax service providing website through the service you can send the fax free of cost. Just for the free service the site provides it brand on the cover page of document. The limit of sending the fax is 3 pages maximum and you can send 5 faxes per day for free of cost. The shortcoming and only con which it possesses is the inability of receiving the fax.


  • ScanR:

    If you are constantly on the move and want to get access to the services anywhere you want then you should prefer ScanR. The site can be accessed through your smartphone just capture the photo of the document which is to faxed and send it without any problem.


  • MyFax:

    MyFax is for those you have to send about 100 faxes on a daily basis and receiving number of faxes is similar to sent ones. The site is compatible with the Microsoft Office which is generally used for the creation of the document allowing you minimize the time consumption in the sending process.


  • Nextiva:

    The site offers people to send about 500 fax per month without any cost or hidden charges. Nextiva serves as a good aid to the people who are run and manage a small business as it has various features to boost up the working.


  • Send2Fax:

    Send2Fax offers people to attach various other files like TIF, JPG and etc with the fax to show the document more clearly and vividly. The interface is simple and user friendly allowing the person to perform the online fax procedure to be proper not containing any sort of trouble which might affect the working.


Best Online Fax Services 2015 (Free)
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