Did you know you can explore blocked websites too? Yes, it’s actually possible now. You can explore blocked websites by using the similar proxy websites. There comes a time when due to some security issues, you are not able to open or to explore your favourite websites from different places, like in Schools and Colleges Facebook and other social networking websites are blocked and you won’t be able to open those blocked websites directly from the current web browser. In such conditions, you have to use Proxy Sites. Following we have compiled a list of best open web proxy sites list to access blocked sites for free from anywhere. Kindly move down, pick up one web proxy site and start exploring your favourite sites right away! Here’s the list!

Web Proxy Sites

Best Open Web Proxy Sites List – Access Blocked Sites for Free

  1. HideMyAss – https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy
  2. Proxify – http://proxify.com/p/
  3. AnonyMouse – http://anonymouse.org/
  4. kProxy – http://www.kproxy.com/
  5. Ninja Clock – http://ninjacloak.com/
  6. Don’t Filter – http://www.dontfilter.us/
  7. Zfreez – http://zendproxy.com/
  8. AnonyMizer – http://www.anonymizer.com/
  9. BlewPass – http://www.blewpass.com/
  10. Vobas – http://www.vobas.com/
  11. Proxy 2014 – http://proxy2014.net
  12. Working Proxy – http://workingproxy.net
  13. Unblock My Web – http://www.unblockmyweb.com/
  14. Proxy.org – http://proxy.org/
  15. WebProxy.net – http://webproxy.net/
  16. YouTube Unblock Proxy – http://youtubeunblockproxy.com
  17. Free Open Proxy – http://freeopenproxy.com
  18. 4everproxy – http://4everproxy.com/
  19. New Ip Now – http://newipnow.com/
  20. Vtunnel – http://vtunnel.com/
  21. Proxyo – http://proxyo.info
  22. Hiding Your Info – http://hidingyour.info
  23. Fast USA Proxy – http://fastusaproxy.com
  24. Rapid Proxy – http://rapidproxy.us
  25. Free YouTube – http://freeyoutube.net
  26. Unblock YouTube Free – http://unblockyoutubefree.net
  27. HideOnline Proxy – http://freeyoutube.net
  28. Unblock YouTube Beat School – http://unblockyoutubeatschool.com
  29. Unblocker – http://unblocker.us
  30. Star Doll Proxy – http://stardollproxy.com
  31. HideMyTraxProxy – https://hidemytraxproxy.ca/
  32. ViewTube – http://viewyoutube.net
  33. Greatest Free Proxy – http://greatestfreeproxy.com
  34. Can’t Block This – http://cantblockthis.org
  35. Hide The Internet – http://hidetheinternet.com
  36. Web Proxy Free – http://webproxyfree.net
  37. Proxay – http://www.proxay.co.uk
  38. Working Proxy – http://workingproxy.net
  39. PRO Unblock – http://pro-unblock.com
  40. HideMyAss UK – http://hidemyass.co.uk
  41. Saoudi Proxy – http://saoudiproxy.info
  42. Sporium – http://sporium.org
  43. DZ Hot – http://dzhot.us
  44. WebSurf Proxy – http://websurfproxy.me
  45. TiaFun- http://tiafun.com
  46. Proxy 4 Freedom – http://proxy4freedom.com
  47. Saoudi Proxy – http://saoudiproxy.info
  48. Proxy Internet – http://proxy-internet.info
  49. German Proxy – http://german-proxy.info
  50. 1FreeProxy – http://1freeproxy.pw

These were all the best open Web Proxy Sites to access blocked sites from anywhere. You can easily get the full access of all your favourite websites from your Schools or Colleges where much needed sites are blocked. You just need to open the site and put a proper URL into the box. Your favourite sites will start loading into a whole new webpage within the proxy site.

What’s your take? Have you ever used any Proxy sites before? Which websites are blocked in your school or college? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, do let us know in the comments given below the post. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Till then stay tuned with us and get such useful updates in the coming time.

Best Open Web Proxy Sites List – Access Blocked Sites for Free
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