We all browse the World Wide Web through the web browsers on our systems for encountering the outstanding internet surfing experience. Among all the available web browsers in the market Mozilla Firefox has made its distinct mark and is accessed by a large of number of people due to offered features. The web browser contains some unique characteristics making it different from the other web browsers. There are some screen capture plugins available for Firefox aiding the user to capture the content on the webpage and share it with other people.  Among the numerous screen capture plugins here are some best screen capture plugins for Firefox allowing you to capture the webpage with ease and efficiency.


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Best Screen Capture Plugins for Mozilla Firefox:

  • Screengrab: Screengrab is a great extension present for Mozilla Firefox allowing the user to capture the webpage as whole or a particular section of it and saving it as an image. After installing it you will have a small icon on the Firefox browser with it you can capture the content present on the image without any sort of difficulty encountered. It contains a good and easy to access interface aiding you to get the image with ease.


  • Fireshot: It is regarded as one of the best screen capturing plugin allowing the person to get the content on the page by the tool. There is an editor present in the plugin allowing the person to add custom text and several other items to the captured image making it more attractive. Fireshot is free for the Firefox user offering the user to save the image in PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP formats. Through the tool you can also capture the animations and other things present on the page without any sort of trouble.


  • Snapper: Snapper is a basic screen capture tool for the browser having minimalistic features offering the user to get the content capture of the particular portion or of the whole webpage. The tool is great in using but contains one problem as being in developing phase you have to log in your Mozilla account in order to download the tool.


  • PageSaver: As the name says the plugin aids you to save the visible portion of the page also the save the entire page on your system without any sort of trouble. PageSaver is notable plugin for capturing the content on the page, accessible on the platforms where Firefox is supportable.

page saver

  • Abduction!: Abduction! is an easy to access add-on for Firefox allowing the user to capture screenshot just by right-clicking on the webpage and choosing the Save Page as image option for getting the screenshot of the entire page in a sec. It automatically selects the area which is to be captured creating a frame around the area where you right-click.


Best Screen Capture Plugins for Firefox
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