Google Chrome is a web browser developed and marketed by Google allowing the people to experience a brilliant internet surfing on their Windows and Mac systems without encountering any sort of trouble. While browsing the internet we all view some amazing and appealing contents which make us to share and show the content with friends, colleagues and others to aid them to see the attractiveness present in the shared content. Through the help of screenshot the person can capture the content there on the screen as an image and share it with others. As there are many screenshot capture extensions available for Google Chrome aiding you to get the screenshots through an in-browser application. Here are some best screenshot capture extensions for Google Chrome.


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Best Screenshot Capture Extensions for Chrome:

  • Webpage Screenshot: Webpage Screenshot is a good screenshot capturing extension for browser allowing you to take the shots instantly and edit them at the same time. You can also get the screenshot of the particular paragraph while reading a post and share it with others. The user interface is easy to access making the person to perform the functions easily for getting the needed result.

Webpage screenshot

  • BlipShot: It is an open source Google Chrome extension offering the user to get the screenshot in just a single click extension. The person can get the whole page screenshot with the help of BlipShot saved with the name of the page, date along with the time at which it was captured. With the help of the tool you can drag and drop to get the screenshot and also convert the image in PNG format.


  • Clipular: Clipular is a great screen capture tool available for Chrome serving both as a camera and collection tool aiding you to collect the screenshots and mix it with the bookmarks for instant access. There are some additional tools which aid the user to perform editing to the captured image to modify it and share the image with friends.


  • Nimbus Screenshot: A lot of people use this popular screen capturing extension utilizing the features present in it to get the image of the web page. Nimbus Screenshot tool allows the Chrome user to capture the whole web page with the easy to access user interface along offering the user to save the image to Google Drive and other storage sites easily without any trouble.


  • Lightshot: Lightshot is unique screen capturing tools having a diverse interface for using it allowing you to get the screenshots of video, animations along with the apps there on the page. With the help of the extension you can perform the image search on Google through the help of the captured screenshots. The main problem present in this extension is the availability of the tool only on Windows making the Mac user unable to use it on their system.


Best Screenshot Capture Extensions for Google Chrome
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