We are used to take screenshots on our smartphones, desktops and laptops along with sending and sharing them people. It helps the user to capture the sight of the piece shown on the screen of the system or on another visual displaying device. The image can be captured through the help of various devices like through a camera etc for showcasing the thing to others. Various mobile operating systems like Android have the inbuilt quality of capturing the shot of the screen of the device and saving it on the storage of the mobile phone.

Some computer operating system didn’t have the pre-installed function of taking a screenshot earlier; they can only copy a text from a file and place it on the text file, making the user to get only the content not the outlook of the page. The screenshot can be used as to show off a particular crisis by the user posed while working and perform some function on the system. The captured shot will help the user to describe the problem present on the system with a detailed view and make the person to have the full acknowledgement of the difficulty for providing the solution. The presentation of a particular thing in a visual form is more efficient than presenting it in text form.


Best Screenshot Capture Software for Windows 7/8/8.1:

There are various software allowing you to capture the perfect screenshot for presenting the item and the content it haves in it. It has the features making the user to edit it and send the captured screenshot to somebody through distinct ways of transferring and sending the image file. We have got some good names as the screenshot capture software for Windows being free and efficient in their work.


It is a free of cost and open source application for making possible to take screenshot on the Windows operating system. The software is developed by GNU General Public License and hosted by SourceForge. You can formulate full or fractional form of screenshots through the help of this application. Having its availability in around 26 languages it has been used by various people.


Download it here

Live Capture:

The tool is efficient in capturing and amending the screenshot with the feature of taking full sized shot and saving them with the edits made by you in it. You can also magnify the shot along with adding some colors to personalize it according to your preferences.


Download it here.


SnapCrab lets the people to easily have the screenshot on their system and through the pre-defined features you can share the capture screenshot on various social networking sites along with showcasing them the content you want to present.


Download it here.

Gadwin PrintScreen:

Having some brilliant features and offering the people to get the shot of the entire screen on your PC through pressing a hot key defined by the user to get the immediate shot on will. You can also select more than one key for making the application to at once capture the screenshot at once when you hit that key.

Gadwin Print

Download it here.


A cool and funky name doesn’t makes this application to be overlooked it has all the features needed to capture and make a perfect screenshot on your PC. It has a simple user interface for ensuring a smooth and efficient working on your PC.


Download it here.

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