Many people use the internet for downloading various contents of file from it and access them on their system. There are various files which are large in size that’s where the torrent comes and serves its part as it is an efficient way of downloading large files like movies etc without any sort of problem. Once the torrent file is located the only thing is be done is to download it through a torrent client which is crucial for performing the working. The torrent clients are necessary for performing the download of the file and saving it on the desktop.

There are several and diverse forms of torrent clients having features different from other. Some offer their services from a site allowing to overcome the means to download or install any sort of software. A list is formulated consisting the best torrent clients for Windows, Mac and Linux offering you the characteristics through which you can perform the download of the torrent file without any problem or trouble.

torrent clients

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Best Torrents Clients for Windows, Mac and Linux:

  • uTorrent:

    The torrent client is one of the most popular and widely used software to perform the torrent download. uTorrent is acknowledged as the world’s most popular torrent client due to the features and characterstics. Having all the things it generally lacks many features as it is not an open source app and invites various forms of crapware in the system.


  • Vuze:

    Many of you must haven’t heard the name but the application gives tough competition to other torrent clients with packed features. Vuze serves a partially open source software allowing you to bind the downloads to VPN and has various plug-ins to increase the functionality. Despite of packing some attractive features the user interface is sluggish in working.


  • Hive:

    Hive is online torrent client allowing you to overcome the want of downloading or installing a separate software for using the service. The service provides you unlimited storage space and no sort of expiration date is there for using the service. With it you can store any number of torrent files that you wish to save on it.


  • Bitlord:

    Bitlord is a free torrent client available for Windows, Mac and Linux allowing you to lock the software with password. It has in-built alert system aiding you to acknowledge about the completion of the download and saving the torrent file. Through the available plug-in you will able to search the torrent within the client without leaving the program without any problem or trouble.


  • Deluge:

    An open source project and sports some diverse features enabling you to perform of the torrent file with ease and comfort. Deluge sports less complexion as compared to uTorrent or Vuze developing a strong mark on the market for providing people a lightweight application. No sort of crapware are invited due using the torrent client on the system.


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