Torrents are a great way of downloading files and contents despite of the size which proves to be a barrier in other downloading mediums. With the help of various torrent clients and software a person can download the content with the fastest speed and find the similar files as with the downloaded one. Torrents can also be paused, resumed and stopped with the features available in it for all the downloads. Many content can be downloaded with the help of it like PDFs, software, movies and several others. There are various torrents clients for Windows and Mac operating systems available free of cost for accessing the features of it. We have enlisted the best torrent clients for the Windows and Mac operating system.

Best Torrent Clients for Windows 7/8/8.1/Mac/Linux:

  • µTorrent:

    Talking about torrent then the name of this tool will rise up having a small 1 MB space in storage. It is a tiny, easy to use and fast torrent downloader making the person to get access to the torrent file easily and download it on the system comfortably. µTorrent has great functionality it provides the user to enjoy the working without any interference.



  • Bit Torrent:

    Any tool which can give a tough competition to µTorrent it is only this torrent client. Bit Torrent ranks as the top torrent client after µTorrent and the availability for free of cost makes it to be a good choice to use. No restriction on the amount and size of data or file to download with rapid download speed. It runs according to the internet connection accessed by you on the system.



  • Bit Comet:

    Many of you haven’t heard of this torrent downloader, Bit Comet is a free software having some good features making it distinctive from others and giving the people a unique reason to use it. Having a different and vibrant user interface it allows the user to avoid the boredom experienced while using any torrent downloader. It has a intelligent disk allocation feature making to reduce the disk fragmentation done on the system.


  • Tribler:

    The entry of a non-popular torrent client allowing the user to access a clean and non messy software for searching the torrent along with downloading it on your system. The user might want some time to cope-up with the tool but once learned it is a great tool to use and download torrents on the system. Tribler is available for Windows and Mac operating systems for giving more and more people to access the features offered.


  • qBittorrent:

    Don’t get confused by thinking that it is a misprint; qBittorrent is a torrent application for desktop users. The application allows the user to perform multiple torrent downloading at the same time along with doing so with high downloading speed to complete the process in less time. It has a polished user interface along with providing the user to remotely control through a web user interface.




Best Torrent Clients for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Mac / Linux
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