WhatsApp is the most download and popular messaging app in Android and iPhone ecosystem. It has about 400 million global users active daily communicating, sending multimedia to their friends and loved ones. People love the messaging application due to the characteristics and features present in the app, making more users to move towards WhatsApp. Seeing the popularity of the app, the social networking giant Facebook purchased the app company for $19 billion. There are many users who know the tips and tricks of the app for making user experience more exciting and interesting. If you don’t know it then some are given here for you.


Tips and Tricks About and For WhatsApp:

  1. Share ZIP,PDF, EXE and APK Files on WhatsApp:

You may say that it is total nonsense and unreal to do so on the messaging app, but after this you can. Here I will tell to send large files particularly not accessible through WhatsApp. Firstly install the Cloudsend along with Dropbox application on your device, after this link the Cloudsend account with the Dropbox one.




The files which you want to share can easily uploading it on Cloudsend and due to link with Dropbox it will automatically get on it. Dropbox will generate a link and share that link with the friends for downloading the file through the link.

  1. Set Your Profile Picture Without Cropping:

Whatsapp Profile Crop

During setting your WhatsApp profile picture, you have to crop the image before finalizing it making the look of the image to decrease. For avoiding this, install the #Square application from Google Play Store into your smartphone. Install the app and select the image for the WhatsApp’s Profile Picture, after doing so change it according to your preference and save it if changes made. Now use it as profile picture without cropping it.

  1. Hide Your WhatsApp Images in Gallery:


We often share and receive images which we don’t want to showcase others, for hiding it you need to have a File Manager Application. Open ES File Explorer application and navigate to WhatsApp images folder, create a file with the name .nomedia. Choose the File and create one with .nomedia as name.

  1. Messaging Statistics of WhatsApp:


There is a thought in many people’s mind that how to know the usage of WhatsApp done by them, if you are one of them then you can acknowledge them through the app Whatstat available on Google Play. Whatstat will provide you the information about the activities consisting like Top Friends, most active friends and groups etc.

  1. Fool With Your Mobile Number In WhatsApp groups:

It is a cool trick available for users in WhatsApp. First uninstall and then re-install the WhatsApp application, on the verification time set your mobile in Flight mode or interchange the number for verification.


Choose the ‘Verify through SMS’, then enter your email id and hit send. Immediately without thinking tap on cancel and it will terminate the verification process. Download the Spoof text Message application for spoofing the message, open the Outbox in your messages and copy the details of the message to Spoof app, then send it for Spoofed Verification.

To: +44890347295

From: + (Country code) (mobile number)

Message: Enter you email id

Do like the above and it will send a message to the spoofed number. Then the spoofed number will visible not the original one.

These tricks will make using the app more exciting and interesting then it was before. You can leave your comments below about the guide.

Best WhatsApp Tricks for Android, iPhone and iPad
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