Windows 10 Technical Preview release by Microsoft has not past a month and developers have formulated various themes for the operating system. Through the themes you can customize the user interface of the OS giving it a new look and feel along with making it more attractive than it is as usual. There are various themes which are there for providing you to be downloaded and installed in order to give a rich feel to the operating system. Each having distinct look and features to provide the person a whole different operating system user interface.

For installing and using the themes you have to patch the OS files disabling you to directly install the themes like the other versions of Windows. There are various third party applications aiding you to patch the system files as the patching process is not a cakewalk. The thing you need to know that patching process should be done at your own risk as doing it through a third party application will might create some issues. If you are keen to install the themes and patch the operating system’s files then you can create a system restore before doing the patching of files.

Windows 10

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Windows 10 Themes:

Windows 10 OS files can be patched with the help of UXTheme Multi-Patcher which is compatible with your Windows 10 operating system. Download it from the link provided here.

There are various themes for Windows 10 operating system to provide you a brilliant look and feel.

  • Silk:

    It is a marvelous Windows 10 Technical Preview allowing you to get an attractive and rich looking OS along with you will be able to get a shadow effect to make it more appealing. Silk also makes the white bar to be invisible for additional effect.


  • Licorice:

    Licorice is also a Windows 10 Technical Preview for your system aiding you to customize your OS in a diverse way. With this theme you can get a great attractive look on your operating system and have a great time using it.


  • Numix:

    Through this theme you can have an entirely different using interface allowing you to get an attractive feel. Through the help of Numix you will get a whole new black interface making you get an outstanding look.


Download the theme of your choice from the link available and the themes are small in size which will require a couple of minutes to be fully downloaded. After the download of the theme is done you have to copy the desired theme to %windir%\Resources\Themes\ as to make the theme functional and use them as you expect.

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